By globeman
Written December 05, 2006
To be honest, I went after dragging my wife to see Borat, which she admitted liking. We went with an open mind and had seen the trailer which captured our attention. Ryan Murphy brought real Hollywood to this film. The settings were convincing. The characters were morose. Shame on Annette Benning for giving up on this role midway through the movie OR perhaps shame on Ryan Murphy or anyone else with creative control for cutting Alec Baldwin and Annette Benning out of the film. My wife and I agreed that we wanted to walk out. Don't waste your money on a ticket OR a rental. Oscar? That would be a sham. Some stories should remain in book form. Go see Blood Diamond or Happy Feet instead.
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really good

By peachpumpkpatch
Written November 24, 2006
I really enjoyed this movie. I liked it so much I bought the book and read it that night.
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By arianna
Written November 27, 2006

If you tired of seeing the same types of movies over and over again, this is a wonderful movie to watch.  There were a lot of intense moments in the movie, but they made light of them as well.  It's a great movie and funny!

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not as good as the book but...

By Traci
Written November 18, 2006

for a movie - this was great!!  Very diffrent from the main-stream but a great cast and even better author makes this movie one of my top 5!!!  

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Must See ...

Written November 20, 2006

I love, love, love this movie. Definitely one of those to see again, and buy the dvd.  

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