Just OK

By FLASH1465
Written October 08, 2013
I rate this a C+. I really wanted to like this and went in with great expectations/hopes. Yet for me the story fell flat. It just kinda jumped foward from scene to scene and didn't develop well. It has a good premise but the jouney to the payoff left me wanting more. More from the story, more from the actors, and just plain more. Too bad because I think this could have been a really good movie. I say wait for Redbox and enjoy.
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Runner Runner

By markjorman
Written November 03, 2013
A story of a college age gambler who hooks up with a pro who runs a site. Timberlake doesn't realize how corrupt Affleck's character really is. There are some pretty good twists and turns that make it interesting to watch. Too much profanity for children. Acting was good. Affleck is always on top of his game. Timberlake is not as talented an actor, but pulled this one off pretty well.
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By thedoctor777
Written October 09, 2013
I found this film entertaining and worth my time. Timberlake and Affleck give worthy performances. The storyline digs deep into the world of on-line gambling. It deals with odds and the consequences of the decisions we make; not only in playing poker; but in life. The term runner runner refers to the turn and river cards in Texas Holdum (the last two cards that get exposed) In most situations you need both of them to be the cards you must have to win that hand. I liked the way that our personal decisions were linked to the film. It showed the outcome of pushing something in life to the limit and how it can work out good or badly. I can say that I think you will enjoy this film. It's not a classic by any means; but as I said entertaining.
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By swaymbsc
Written June 01, 2014
Really wasn't that great. Not impressive at all. Ben Affleck was solid and Gemma Arterton was hot, but that was about it. I like Justin Timberlake but I think he should stick to Saturday Night Live.
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Great Entertainment

By wrighttoni
Written October 20, 2013
We thoroughly enjoyed this movie. We were not going to go because the critics were so harsh but we usually agree with the public anyways. I thought both Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake did a great job. It was entertaining throughout. Worth the trip!
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