Beautiful Movie

By nadia583
Written October 07, 2013
Don't expect an Oscar winner here, but the movie is still nicely made. The plot is pretty good and well balanced. It's a good movie to watch one time only but its worth watching
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Runner Runner

By dalehan
Written May 01, 2016
I would definitely recommend this movie for it's entertainment value and star power alone. Unusual storyline and locale made it an interesting movie for me. Justin and Ben both did a fine job.
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Runner Runner

By janncoles
Written May 07, 2016
I enjoyed this movie. The acting is fine enough and the story is good enough, so you feel like you're not wasting your money. Not a "must go", but worth seeing. The critics were overly harsh. However, there are much better movies out right now that I would go to before this one - Captain Phillips, Gravity, Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Peter. I would suggest seeing any of these three before Runner Runner. They're in a different league.
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Dull and tedious

By iainm58
Written July 31, 2015
To use a sporting (soccer) analogy, this was like a friendly game. Everyone turned up and did what they are supposed to but there was no commitment to it. Made for a tedious and dull movie.
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Run from this movie

By dlarz
Written May 27, 2015
Boring, stupid, absurd plot, terrible acting. This dreadful film sucked the charm out of the normally charismatic Justine Timberlake and Ben Affleck, leaving them to flounder through a nonsensical screenplay. Other than blackmail, I cannot imagine what convinced them to act in this film. Not that they both haven't been in some terrible films, but this one makes "Friends with Benefits" look like "Citizen Kane". I can usually find at least one redeeming feature in a movie that keeps me minimally interested, but Runner Runner lacked even that. I stayed through to the end only because I had been bored into a mindless torpor leaving me unable to muster the energy to rise from my seat and exit the theater. Unless you enjoy watching people sweating through insipid scene after insipid scene, do not see "Runner Runner".
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