Wait for it

By Frogface
Written September 05, 2015
It wasn't a bad movie. I kinda liked it. I just wish I would have waited to see it on my DVR. No big shoot em ups that made me think that it had to be on the big screen.
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Runner Runner

By rozc44262
Written February 07, 2016
This movie was very much a let down. Trailers were more exciting than the actual movie. Great plot but execution was severely lacking. Ben Afleck was hot but his talent was wasted on this movie.
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An hour and a half of gambling, corruption and good looking people

By glennbaileyjr
Written January 31, 2015
I will say that I'm not upset at the fact that I saw this movie in the theater. I do feel like I left the theater wanting more but not really knowing what "more" is. The three leads were good in their roles, but Ben Affleck character was too morally grey. He leads some scenes with what you feel like is a touch of conscious, but then in others isn't QUITE bad enough to go to the deep end of evil. If can see it in a matinee or cheaper run, then go for it!
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runner runner

By lee1289
Written October 17, 2013
A really, really bad movie. Terrible script. If this were on tv, you'd be hardpressed to sit for the whole thing. Ben Affleck is just getting a paycheck on this one.
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Great movie Great movie <3

By Annthisway
Written September 02, 2015
I love this movie so much. This is so underrated. I don't understand those who hates this. This was really nice, then stop hating on this. Yeah, it was kinda predictable. But i love it. And go & see it right now. I really enjoyed it! 8 out of 10
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