Nice Twist

By tbisram
Written October 17, 2013
Not sure if this was based or inspired by true events but it starts off very unrealistic (who flies down to an under developed country to confront someone they have been cheated by) ...however, keeps you entertained and easy to follow despite all of the tecnical computer gadget terms used. Easy to see the money and temptation and greed aspects here. Had a nice twist at the end that leaves you a little taken a back which is nice in my opinion. I always like a nice little surprise at the end. Definitely worth seeing. Ben Affleck is pretty good as a serious actor. Justin T. is always amazing! The 2 made the movie worth while.
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runner runner

By lee1289
Written October 17, 2013
A really, really bad movie. Terrible script. If this were on tv, you'd be hardpressed to sit for the whole thing. Ben Affleck is just getting a paycheck on this one.
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Runner Runner

By rozc44262
Written October 07, 2013
This movie was very much a let down. Trailers were more exciting than the actual movie. Great plot but execution was severely lacking. Ben Afleck was hot but his talent was wasted on this movie.
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Beautiful Movie

By nadia583
Written October 07, 2013
Don't expect an Oscar winner here, but the movie is still nicely made. The plot is pretty good and well balanced. It's a good movie to watch one time only but its worth watching
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Liked the story and the action

By bakers319
Written October 21, 2013
I saw Runner Runner with my teeange son and we both liked it. We thought the plot was interesting and the movie was entertaining. It was rated R but there wasn't over the top sex/violence.
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