Runner Runner

By jmvb
Written October 13, 2013
Excellent movie. Held our attention all the way through. Both actors, Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck were convincing. The story was compelling and to wait for the end and see how Justin gets out of the trouble he is in was very intriging. The story is well written and the viewer gets knowledge of how gambling/cons can go as high as it does in this move. Well done.
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No depth of character

By dtcruis
Written October 16, 2013
I don't regret seeing this, but It ended up being the opposite of "Rounders," the excellent movie these same writers came up with years ago. Rounders had great strong characters throughout, this show is all plot, and just a decent one at that. It keeps you mildly interested, and I've seen far worse, but in the end I just didn't really care what happened to the characters, somehow the script just doesn't give Timberlake and Affleck enough to work with. On the other hand, there's no way to ever come up with any movie related to poker that will touch Rounders, although a sequel would be a "must see" for me.
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Movie Mike Reviews - Runner Runner

By phoenix141
Written October 05, 2013
Runner Runner’s glossy veneer and all-star cast are unable to save the film from a script that is all-to-familiar, uncompelling and unmemorable. The problem with Brad Furman’s direction with Runner Runner is that it lacks any real pulse. The film promises at suspense, but in reality delivers muted excitement at best. It is hardly worthy of its R-rating and although constantly hinting at real danger, one is more likely to receive a few blows than be killed by crossing Block. What may have been an intriguing story is spoiled by a plot line is so familiar that you’ll see every “twist” coming. The writing is uninspired and the dialogue lacks any sensitivity in verbal expression, only furthered by the miscasting of Timberlake. Read the rest at
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Good cast; okay storyline

By qdaw99
Written November 05, 2013
This movie had a great cast but ultimately the story took too long to develop. They did a great job of mixing in action and comedy but there were a lot of plot holes created in the process. Realizing it's a movie, if you want to look over these, it's an interesting (somewhat unrealistic) view into the world of online gambling. Personally, I'd wait until this one came to Redbox/Netflix though.
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Run Away

By HardyHaberman
Written October 13, 2013
With its flimsy and convoluted plot and thoroughly unlikable characters, this movie failed to hold my attention through the first hour. I rarely walk out of a film, but for Runner Runner I made the exception. If I could have gotten a refund I would. Skip Runner Runner.
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