Runner Runner Synopsis
The FBI coerces a Princeton grad student into helping bring his shady mentor to justice.
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I Gambled on Runner Runner...

By MedRed
And broke even. Runner Runner is one of those movies that isn't bad, but isn't anything special either. This movie doesn't deserve its R rating. It feels like it could easily be PG-13. It pulls...

Runner Runner

By cstavrou
It was a good compromise for date night. It didn't have over the top violence & it had a guy's version of romance. There was some intrigue & some suspense. I thought JT & BF did a believable job in...

Run away!

By pedsarq
This is a great looking movie. It's set in Costa Rica and Affleck plays a gambling site owner who's in it for the thrill of it all, or at least used to be. Timberlake plays a Princeton grad...

More of a rental

By jacobygillette
Movie cast is awesome but plot does not deliver. Story never really takes off. Too bad because Affleck and Timberlake have done better work with better scripts. Simply put, don't waste your time...

Not horrible but not great

By Laura648
Went to see Runner Runner last night on opening night at 10pm. Was one of less than a dozen people in the theatre. The movie was so-so. The casting was great, both Justin Timberlake and Ben...

Runner Runner

By wgm
This was just a good movie to watch, it was intense and the cast was stellar. Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck played well off each other and both were perfectly casted. This was a nice drama and...

Low key acting but we enjoyed it

By MostlyTx
We go to a movie every week and sometimes there just isn't much to pick from. I had read the reviews on Runner Runner and most said the acting was "mailed in" and there wasn't much to the movie. We...

Liked the story and the action

By bakers319
I saw Runner Runner with my teeange son and we both liked it. We thought the plot was interesting and the movie was entertaining. It was rated R but there wasn't over the top sex/violence....

Nice Twist

By tbisram
Not sure if this was based or inspired by true events but it starts off very unrealistic (who flies down to an under developed country to confront someone they have been cheated by) ...however, keeps...

Where's the action?

By rbeck
The last movie I REALLY wanted to walk out of was Catwoman. Runner Runner was that bad. I almost left a few times - it was just boring. Not much action, story was boring - it could have been such...

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Rated R | For language and some sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Don't bet on dumb gambling thriller; some language, sex.
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