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FINALLY! Yes, Finally someone is telling it like it REALLY is out there.

By venanorton
Written August 06, 2012
The stats and quotes will really make you stop and think about everything you THOUGHT you knew about race relations, poverty and riches and more and the cast is like a who's who of power players in the black community. It is the story of those of us still in bondage in the United States today, and we don't even know it! Slavery - disguised as "help" thanks to our politicians and their insatiable lust for POWER. Watch it and weep, then stand up and say "I'm not going to take it any more!" I see why this movie isn't playing a lot of places. If the slaves wake up and realize they ARE slaves, the masters will lose all their VOTES --and the master need votes to stay in power. A film for brave, independent thinkers. All others,need not apply...just keep watching BET & VH1...
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A shocking expose' of deceit and fraud to obtain and maintain power and control

By JeffLKelly
Written June 24, 2013
I met C.L. Bryant at the showing of this movie. I asked why he, being African American, would dare make a movie that at once depicts some members of the African American community as power-hungry liars and others as blind sheep misled by false prophets, both white and African American. His reply nearly broke my heart: "Because I love my brothers and sisters and want for them the freedom so many have died to achieve. Many have rejected me for trying to remove their blinders, but I love them none the less." This film is saddening and yet presents hope of where we can improve as a nation, by removing the bonds of economic slavery. An excellent documentary of historical fact, contrasted with today's emotional manipulation of Americans. We have much work to do.
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Written July 07, 2012
The movie is terrific. It is inspiring and encouraging. Filled with information important in todays encourages many with hope America can still return to the constitution we were founded on with individuals standing on our own feet. Freeing ourselves from the dependency and the tyranny of the plantation mentality hindering our true freedom, we will rise up returning America to One Nation Under God.
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Runaway Slave

By N All
Written August 05, 2012
Courageous look at race relations today in the USA. Something everyone should see and think about. We are much more united than those that profit from division would have us believe.
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Runaway Slave

By janiebrown46
Written August 05, 2012
Every voter and citizen of the United States needs to see this. This film is a message of truth for America. I cannot properly describe the power of this film. Not in my lifetime have I seen a film with such a powerful message. Amazing! God bless Rev. C.L. Bryant and all those who put this film together.
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