Runaway Slave

By 4jcross
Written July 29, 2012
An eye opening account of what government freebies have done to ruin the lives of people of color. Telling the story through the eyes of these characters left me happy to know such insightful people really exist out there and it gives me hope for our future. It is an outstanding movie to take teenagers and middle school age children to see since they will not learn this information in our schools. I liked the photography, production, story-telling and the music. I did not care for the editing of the movie which jumped around too much and frankly gave me a headache. The message is strong enough where you don't need to spice it up with quick cuts and crazy zooms. Just let these wonderful characters tell the story. People were clapping and cheering in our audience. Outstanding!
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Runaway Slave

By lcdale
Written October 12, 2012
Great movie. A must see, especially for those in the black population of America.
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This is a "Must See" for all of America

By jklein1227
Written July 29, 2012
Great Movie. Should be standard educational material in school. It would go a long way in balancing out of the liberal abyss that is our educational system.
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FINALLY! Yes, Finally someone is telling it like it REALLY is out there.

By venanorton
Written February 11, 2016
The stats and quotes will really make you stop and think about everything you THOUGHT you knew about race relations, poverty and riches and more and the cast is like a who's who of power players in the black community. It is the story of those of us still in bondage in the United States today, and we don't even know it! Slavery - disguised as "help" thanks to our politicians and their insatiable lust for POWER. Watch it and weep, then stand up and say "I'm not going to take it any more!" I see why this movie isn't playing a lot of places. If the slaves wake up and realize they ARE slaves, the masters will lose all their VOTES --and the master need votes to stay in power. A film for brave, independent thinkers. All others,need not apply...just keep watching BET & VH1...
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Runaway Slave

By rrduffy_2000
Written August 06, 2012
10 Thumbs Up A MUST SEE MOVIE! Don't go see this if you want to remain confirmed in your own misconceptions regarding race relations, race baiting, and solutions to the racial divisiveness in the United States. Don't go see this, if you can't handle the TRUTH.
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