Run All Night Synopsis
Brooklyn mobster and prolific hit man Jimmy Conlon (Neeson), once known as The Gravedigger, has seen better days.
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Liam Neeson's BEST ACTION movie to date!!!!!

By spartacus215
I will first start off by saying do not listen to a word these dumb reviews are saying especially the so-called professional men and women from newspaper company's and etc because they have no idea...

Another great Liam Neeson action film

By rbj513
I saw this movie today. This dramatic action movie rocks from beginning to end!!! Liam Neeson was excellent. Common was bad ass!!! Ed Harris also did a great job. The story was very good & easy...

Very good movie

By adorable101
This movie was highly entertaining, I saw a screening and recommend others see it....

Standard Liam Neeson fare

By DeanHH
There's really nothing new or original here. In fact, there's two scenes which are pretty much straight up rip-offs from the movie "Heat". But I'm giving it three stars because Ed Harris turns in a...

I'm sure it is an ok movie but...

By jeffdickerson2k3
I just can't bring myself to pay for any movie that he plays in. He has a problem with Americans owning guns yet he has made his millions in violent, firearm packed movies. I'll be spending my hard...

Suspenseful all the way

By janetmartindale
Be prepared to sit on the edge of the seat. Liam Neeson is Jimmy Conlon, the alcoholic, defeated & despairing former gunman for Ed Harris' Sean Maguire, head of an Irish American mafia. Conlon's...

By jr2224
Run All Night was highly entertaining, very good, excellent, and awesome movie. Lot of action!The story is simple which makes it easy to follow. If you are a big fan of action movies, then you must...

great story, great movie!!!!

By luna1705

Excellent Movie

By yolandadbennett
Liam Neeson never disappoints. ??...

very good movie

By jalford999
enjoy all of Liam's movies. Lot of action....

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Rated R | For Strong Violence, Language Including Sexual References, and Some Drug Use
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Common Sense Media says Interesting characters in violent, choppy action thriller.
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