Rudo y Cursi

By moviehead119
Written May 12, 2009
The movie was quite funny - lots of laugh out loud humor. The film tells an interesting story about two poor brothers who play soccer well. Because they come from an impoverished Mexico they are more naive and fall prey to a man who becomes their agent but who is also a hustler. In addition to his taking advantage of them (despite his discovering them and giving them opportunity in the first place) he does know how to motivate them to play well. There are a few other 'types' who take advantage of their inexperience. There's lots of sibling rivalry yet love of family esp. their mother as well as each other. There are some interesting roles for women in the film esp. Rudo's kind and sensible wife and a femme fatale, who is very, very sexy and whose nickname is 'Pajamas'. Good writing and good acting doesn't hurt.
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dos hermanos

By cardona85
Written May 10, 2009
Ultimately this is a movie about brotherhood, about the trials and hardships that a brotherhood goes through to find its was back to a shared love. I think the movie can speak at several levels. One a personal one about the relationship between two people that grow up together and also a larger one about humanity and the relationship we all have with one another. There is pain, sacrifice, vice, and misunderstanding but there is also lots of love. In the movie the two brothers have to go through a lot. They are rivals each with their own set of goals and beliefs but their journey's converge at several points to finally find that their love for one another is strong enough to survive it all. It's a funny movie but it also has very dark tones. For example the hazing scenes which are disturbing although we only get a glimpse of what happens. But maybe that's another point the movie makes, that the dark and the funny exist together- like brothers.
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rudo and cursi

By manolapd
Written May 02, 2009
Excellent movie. Lots of fun!
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"Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN" Revisited,

Written May 15, 2009
"Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN" Revisited, Everyone should see this movie... just don't expect the kinky stuff but a lot of good music and fun stuff. (By the way, Although you'll see English subtitles you better go with your best Latino friend)
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By longinvs1
Written May 15, 2009
Tgmovie how does it feel to have such a small brain? Why I ask you this I don't know since your obviously incapable of more than a monosyllabic vocabulary and thus your response will most likely be. Uh what cha mean? All I can say is get used to seeing more spanish movies playing at the local cinema because guess what ignoramous hispanics are the fastest growing minority in this country and soon the minority label will no longer apply thank you and have a nice day. The movie was great but is definitely much more enjoyable if you speak spanish.
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