Ruby Sparks Synopsis
A novelist with writer's block creates an inspirational female character who springs to life.
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Ruby Sparks

By baronblue
The trailer was better. Turns out to be sort of a cliche about how you can't micro-control the people you love without becoming a monster. Duh....

Unique and Pretty Well Done

By vizwords
This movie looked great. It was pretty good and definitely worth seeing - but not great. Acting is solid. The idea is very unique - I was told the actress that plays Ruby is actually the writer...

Very cute, totally charming

By dannypants
A very sweet film about the fantasy of being able to control love and the reality of loving someone that requires you to set them free....

ruby sparks

By glevity
Original , thought- provoking concept ... Ruby Sparks' extraordinary cast and nuanced performances deftly blend reality with fantasy, and leave the viewer to ponder its meaning long after the...

Finally something worth seeing!

By Nicknb
As improbable as the premise of this movie is, I found myself hooked! The story is well written and directed. It gives you enough to follow and enjoy, but leaves you hoping for more as the story...

See It

By jalbert222
If you do not like this movie, consider the possibility that something is wrong with you. Clever, romantic, creative, well acted and a commentary on so much... from dating to relationships to...

Good solid romantic comedy

By NYPerson1
It wasn't quite as innovative as I'd been led to expect, but it was fun and definitely worth seeing. The cast is quirky, in a good way....

A fabulous film about getting what you wish for; perfect summer flick!

By Peneflix
Anyone who has had their first brush with adolescence has fantasized about the perfect partner; the one who completes the puzzle, the conundrum that is "you"; conforms to your ideal; meets and exceeds...

Ruby Sparks

By virginiafr
I thought is was about a young man's fantasy. A bit on the shallow side, but good fun....


By Santiago - MAKiiNA
This movie blew my mind. As I was watching I realized I was totally falling in love with this film. Smart, funny, challenging, even emotionally entertaining. All the while not realizing the subtle...

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Rated R | For Some Sexual References, Some Drug Use and Language
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Common Sense Media says Indie romcom explores ego and love; language, sex talk.
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