Rubber Synopsis
A killer tire roams the California desert seeking revenge.
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By zonko
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By ssadab7
This was surprisingly good, i liked it quite a lot, made me laugh too...

By AnesthesiaBrent

Weird but fun

By Bryce_M
Definitely an "art movie" it's funny/dark/weird....


By deichmans
Thank you HDNet Movies for the free preview, showing how insipid this movie really is (and saving $)...


By sajcbr
Wme stands for worse movie ever!!!...

Stupid? its supposed to be

By bcrscabs
This is a modern cult classic. It's done with a gritty style that pokes fun at 70s grindhouse flicks. But if the protagonist had been a human instead of a tire, it'd be boring. But the fact that it's...

The man who taught his ***how to talk.

By hammygirl456
I wanted to like this movie. Thinking it just absurd camp fun, but no. What we have here is a classic situation of a man taking a crap on your lawn and saying "your welcome". The whole movie is so...

Rubber Rules

By juliabowden6781
This is one of my favorite movies. It's extremely funny and nothing like any movie I've ever seen. Only people with a specific sense of humor will find it funny, but it is definitely worth watching....

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Rated R | For Some violent images and language