Calos Acosta Has A New Aspect Of His Career

By tracersmom
Written October 20, 2013
Absolutely amazing production. Carlos Acosta has taken the classic Don Q, added his own choreography and come up with an amazing production. The dancing was amazing. Really enjoyed it
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Highly disappointing!!

By mgottsegen229
Written October 17, 2013
Was Don Quixote the ballet disappointing? No! The fact that after I purchased tickets online to a performance to be screened near my home in New Orleans, got myself (and my wife) to the theater, took our seats (all alone) only to be notified that an equipment glitch of some kind would force cancellation of the showing....well, that was monumentally disappointing!
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By dshs
Written October 17, 2013
Absolutely fantastic experience only bested by being at the Royal Opera House in person! It was fascinating to be shown rehearsal and pre-performance views. I usually only get to see the conductors forehead or the back of his shoulders, so seeing into the orchestra pit was an added bonus. Acosta is such a charismatic persona and Nunez an absolutely magnificent, world class, prima ballerina. We, too, enjoyed clapping in the cinema. I would have loved to download a program! Maybe next time one will be available on the website!?! The tweets were a hoot. Can't wait for the next performance xxx
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Don Q. "Live" Ballet relay from Royal Opera House

By Simassey
Written October 17, 2013
This live broadcast was excellent in the production quality BUT the feet were chopped off the screen...and for a ballet this is not good. We were told the projectionist could see everything clearly but could not adjust our viewing screen for us to see below the knee. This needs to be worked out. I really enjoy LIVE BROADCASTS of ballet and opera!
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Don Quixote

By nowlin5
Written October 17, 2013
Although, the dancing was fine, the choreography was messy. The groups were too busy behind the principles and the staring roles of Niki and Mercedes were lessened to enhance the male roles. The costumes were too dark and the dancing of some minor roles were lost in the costumes. I struggled with the music. It was not resolving and the effort to change the traditional music for me was unsuccessful. I did enjoy the music on stage and the enthusiasm the dancers seem to have for Carlos, but didn't care for this production.
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