• Released
  • February 13, 2015
  • (Limited Release)
  • 2 hr 24 min
  • Action/Adventure
Roy Synopsis
ROY is the greatest thief ever known to man, having pulled off impossible heists in every part of the globe. He is a phantom, an enigma all created by the eccentricities of Kabir Grewal.

Movie Reviews

atrocious and mind-numbingly boring

By dishachoure
Here's why I think #Roy was atrocious and mind-numbingly boring: 1. Editors forgot to edit the movie 2. It was so slow that by the time a dialogue ended, I forgot how it started 3. I don't know what...


By Abdul quddus
Don't waste your time and $...


By sid.bhaumik

I'd like my money back

By raydebosmit1992
Probably one of the worst movies possible. A friend of mine paid for my ticket. I didn't pay for my ticket, but I'd still like my money back. Very nonsensical. The interval is on now, and I kinda...

1 & Half star Review of Roy

By anewgirlinacity
check out my film review here: [BLOCKED WEBSITE]...


By MahtabM


By ksvsudheer
Waste of Time...


By geetbhatnagar
I felt like I wasted 2.5hrs of my life watching this movie. I have never felt this strongly about another movie in recent past. Definitely waste of money....

Horrible movie

By shweta605
Don't waste your time and money in this movie....

movie made for critics

By ayubgeorge
It's a movie for critics. If you want to go watch a work of literature, this is it. If you are looking to relax, this is not it unless you are one of this literature, art loving types....