Could have been lot better

By Kheri
Written June 02, 2012
bad version of Dabang and Singham ... was neither comedy movie nor serious
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Loved It....

By STalreja
Written June 04, 2012
I went with an open mind that Akshay's films suck lately so i did not have high expectation...In the beginning, i was thinking that i wasted my time and money...then i watched 30 minutes into it and the movie was hilarious. I like the actors, colors, dances, songs...everything? All i can say is enjoy.
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By thedoctor777
Written June 06, 2012
This film is from India and is in sub-titled throughout the movie. It has too many musical/dancing parts. I found absolutely nothing funny, not once did I or the audience laugh, chuckle or may a sound. Tons of fight scenes that lack any kind of believability. It's long and has so much fill in it that it's easy to say lets go. I stuck it out until the end; but I have to say it was pure torture. I now understand why only one theater showed this one. Beware and see this one at your own risk.
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Real Entertainment

By Zmovie_Bolly
Written June 02, 2012
After long time Akshya has shown is real "HEROICS" on screen. GOod entertainer, good music, good comedy.
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Rowdy Rathore = TP

By jgurumurthy
Written June 03, 2012
Watched the movie today.Must say it is good.Dialogues are funny and the action scenes are good. Must watch..One important thing..Leave your brains at home
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