ROSEWATER: Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert LIVE Synopsis
Exclusive full-length advanced screening of Jon Stewart’s directorial debut followed by a LIVE CONVERSATION with Jon Stewart and special guest Maziar Bahari, hosted by Stephen Colbert.

Movie Reviews

Exceptionally brilliant

By shanggarganesh
Personally, I thought Jon Stewart did such a terrific job in educating everyone on what's still going on right now. This is neither a historical account nor a manifestation of an artifact. This issue...

great movie

By cswoods6
I really enjoyed the movie. very compelling and well done. I wish my movie theatre didn't mess up the transition into the interview afterwards. we missed the first half....

Amazing and Important

By joanboyle303857
Expected an interesting film. Got an excellent film. Surely to be on the list for academy award for this film and for Mr. Bernal....hope issues shown here resonate beyond the screen, in Iran and in...

An optimistic story

By mariyakonovalova
The film was really well done and easy to watch despite the sometimes difficult topics. The message of hope and human spirit came through very obviously. We also happened to be in the theater from...


By burney363
Brilliant. Beautiful. Empathic. The Seventh Veil is coming down....


By lisa_maher
This is first and foremost an incredible story, handled with enormous grace by both Jon Stewart and the cast. It is beautifully written, skillfully filmed and dynamically performed. There are hints...

What an event

By edwardsantiago51
It was mind-boggling to learn the details on on the real story, the producer, and the process to produce this movie. I really did not know that capacity as director of John Steward or from now on Mr....

Thoughtful treatment of a complex topic

By moovtkts05
I loved it. A beautifully crafted film of a compelling story....

Fabulous Preview w/ Stewart, Colbert, Bahari Chat

By seiftaylor
Mazier Bahari's story was compelling enough itself, but the cinematography & Jon Stewart's instincts of capturing the tone & texture of the people, locations & feelings within the different settings &...


By pheelyne857
Saw the pre-show with the live interview afterwards. Film is brilliantly done. Did an amazing job of matching actual footage to filmed scenes. Cinematography was excellent. I wish I could rate the...

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