Rory Cochrane
Date of Birth
Feb 28, 1972
Birth Place:
Syracuse, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Peter Sarsgaard Black Mass
2015 Johnny Depp Black Mass
2015 Kevin Bacon Black Mass
2013 Billy Bob Thornton Parkland
2013 Marcia Gay Harden Parkland
2013 Paul Giamatti Parkland
2012 Bob Gunton Argo
2012 Ben Affleck Argo
2012 Michael Parks Argo
2012 Alan Arkin Argo
2012 John Goodman Argo
2012 Zeljko Ivanek Argo
2012 Adrienne Barbeau Argo
2012 Tate Donovan Argo
2011 Bill Pullman Bringing Up Bobby
2009 Stephen Lang Public Enemies
2009 Johnny Depp Public Enemies
2009 Giovanni Ribisi Public Enemies
2009 Leelee Sobieski Public Enemies
2009 Billy Crudup Public Enemies
2009 Casey Siemaszko Public Enemies
2009 James Russo Public Enemies
2009 Lili Taylor Public Enemies
2009 Stephen Dorff Public Enemies
2009 Christian Bale Public Enemies
2007 Alfred Molina The Company
2007 Chris O'Donnell The Company
2007 Michael Keaton The Company
2007 Natascha McElhone The Company
2007 David Caruso CSI: Miami: Season 06
2006 Keanu Reeves A Scanner Darkly
2006 Robert Downey, Jr. A Scanner Darkly
2006 Woody Harrelson A Scanner Darkly
2006 Winona Ryder A Scanner Darkly
2004 David Caruso CSI: Miami: Season 03
2003 David Caruso CSI: Miami: Season 02
2002 David Caruso CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Cross-Jurisdictions
2002 Kim Delaney CSI: Miami: Season 01
2002 David Caruso CSI: Miami: Season 01
2002 Linus Roache Hart's War
2002 Bruce Willis Hart's War
2002 Colin Farrell Hart's War
2002 Terrence Howard Hart's War
2001 Ione Skye Southlander: Diary of a Desperate Musician
2000 George Wendt The Prime Gig
2000 Stephen Tobolowsky The Prime Gig
2000 Vince Vaughn The Prime Gig
2000 Julia Ormond The Prime Gig
2000 Wallace Shawn The Prime Gig
2000 Ed Harris The Prime Gig
2000 Mary Lynn Rajskub Sunset Strip
2000 Nick Stahl Sunset Strip
1999 Brooke Shields Black and White
1999 Joe Pantoliano Black and White
1999 Gina Gershon Black and White
1999 Robert Downey, Jr. Black and White
1999 Elijah Wood Black and White
1999 Ron Silver Black and White
1999 Scott Caan Black and White
1999 Ben Stiller Black and White
1999 James Toback Black and White
1999 Philip Seymour Hoffman Flawless
1999 Robert De Niro Flawless
1998 Margaret Colin The Adventures of Sebastian Cole
1998 Ron Silver Black and White
1998 Gina Gershon Black and White
1997 Jon Favreau Dogtown
1997 Natasha Gregson Wagner Dogtown
1997 Mary Stuart Masterson Dogtown
1997 Karen Black Dogtown
1997 Burt Young The Last Don
1997 Danny Aiello The Last Don
1997 Kirstie Alley The Last Don
1997 Penelope Ann Miller The Last Don
1997 Robert Wuhl The Last Don
1997 Joe Mantegna The Last Don
1997 Michelle Burke The Last Don
1997 Daryl Hannah The Last Don
1997 Christopher Meloni The Last Don
1997 Dennis Boutsikaris The Last Don
1997 John Colicos The Last Don
1997 Seymour Cassel The Last Don
1995 Renée Zellweger Empire Records
1995 Tobey Maguire Empire Records
1995 Anthony LaPaglia Empire Records
1995 Liv Tyler Empire Records
1995 Renée Zellweger The Low Life
1995 James LeGros The Low Life
1995 J.T. Walsh The Low Life
1995 Sean Astin The Low Life
1995 Kyra Sedgwick The Low Life
1994 Ann Wedgeworth Love and a .45
1994 Jack Nance Love and a .45
1994 Jeffrey Combs Love and a .45
1994 Renée Zellweger Love and a .45
1994 Peter Fonda Love and a .45
1993 Parker Posey Dazed and Confused
1993 Matthew McConaughey Dazed and Confused
1993 Ben Affleck Dazed and Confused
1993 Michelle Burke Dazed and Confused
1992 Samuel L. Jackson Fathers and Sons
1992 Famke Janssen Fathers and Sons
1992 Natasha Gregson Wagner Fathers and Sons
1992 Rosanna Arquette Fathers and Sons
1992 Jeff Goldblum Fathers and Sons
1992 Michael Imperioli Fathers and Sons
1991 Matt Dillon A Kiss Before Dying
1991 Sean Young A Kiss Before Dying
1991 Diane Ladd A Kiss Before Dying
1991 James Russo A Kiss Before Dying
1991 Max von Sydow A Kiss Before Dying
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