• Released
  • January 31, 2007
  • 1 hr 40 min
  • Drama
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Five short stories play out in one room at a New York City hotel in this episodic independent comedy-drama. Stacey (Joelle Carter) wakes up one morning with no clear memory of what happened the night before, but the fact she's sharing a bed with Nick (Matthew Del Negro), a strapping professional football player she barely knows, offers a significant clue. Gretchen (Sarah Bennett) discovers her husband has rented a hotel room without telling her, and she comes to the city to confront Harry (Michael Laurence) about what he's doing; while she thinks he's seeing another woman, the truth is something far more disturbing. Jack (Michael Knowles) is a salesman in town for a convention along with one of his co-workers, Kathy (Robyn Myhr), and he attempts to persuade her to trade their professional relationship for something more intimate. Matt (Todd Swenson) is a guy from out of town who thinks he's in luck when he hooks up with Tracey (Monique Vukovic), but as the evening wears on he realizes he's gotten more than he bargained for. And David (Michael Mosley) has come to the city with his girlfriend Caly (Jennifer Marlowe) to attend his brother's wedding, and the circumstances have brought his insecurities about their relationship to the surface. Room 314 was written and directed by first-time filmmaker Michael Knowles (who also plays Jack) and was adapted from his play. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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