Room 237 Synopsis
Filmmaker Rodney Ascher analyzes Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of "The Shining."
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Not so much what I expected

By Falls Crush
BUT I like it, it opened my eyes a little bit more, alot made sense, and now Im drawing up my conclusions...

Not As Interesting As You Might Expect

By zacharysyoung
My girlfriend and I love "The Shining", but not as much as some, who are obsessed or see it as a vehicle to support completely unrelated views (faked Apollo moon-landing video, by Kubrick). There...

A Rather Stupid Search for Meaning

By tyvol
Look, Stan Kubrick sold movies. Some of what he made was not worth our money or our heartbeats. This analysis of a valueless movie production (among others, like Clockwork or Jacket), is in keeping...

A little crazy, but interesting

By babyangelvera
I'm a little concerned at the mind sets of the people interviewed in this documentary considering their ideas where way past far fetched. I think I may have gone a little crazy from listening to all...

Total waste of Time/Money

Can't even begin to describe what a total waste of time this movie was to watch. If anything it proves that anyone can see imagined hidden meanings in anything if they want to bad enough. Don't...

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