Ron Gabriel

Worked With

Year Name Title
2006 Deborah Kara Unger Silent Hill
2006 Alice Krige Silent Hill
2006 Sean Bean Silent Hill
2002 Jason Isaacs The Tuxedo
2002 Peter Stormare The Tuxedo
2002 Jackie Chan The Tuxedo
1999 Campbell Scott Invasion!
1996 Beau Bridges Losing Chase
1996 Helen Mirren Losing Chase
1996 Kyra Sedgwick Losing Chase
1996 Mel Harris What Kind of Mother Are You?
1995 Kurtwood Smith To Die For
1995 George Segal To Die For
1995 David Cronenberg To Die For
1995 Joaquin Phoenix To Die For
1995 Buck Henry To Die For
1995 Matt Dillon To Die For
1995 Dan Hedaya To Die For
1995 Illeana Douglas To Die For
1995 Holland Taylor To Die For
1995 Nicole Kidman To Die For
1994 Lorraine Bracco Getting Gotti
1994 Ellen Burstyn Getting Gotti
1994 Glynis Johns The Ref
1994 J.K. Simmons The Ref
1994 Judy Davis The Ref
1994 Kevin Spacey The Ref
1994 Denis Leary The Ref
1994 Christine Baranski The Ref
1993 John Travolta Look Who's Talking Now
1993 George Segal Look Who's Talking Now
1993 Diane Keaton Look Who's Talking Now
1993 Olympia Dukakis Look Who's Talking Now
1993 Danny DeVito Look Who's Talking Now
1993 Kirstie Alley Look Who's Talking Now
1993 Michael Ontkean The Rapture
1993 Karen Allen The Rapture
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