Romeo & Juliet (2013) Synopsis
Two youths from rival families share a doomed love affair.
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Romeo and Juliet

By hewilckens
My daughters and I went to see this movie and loved it. The actors were a great match and story was told in a wonderful way. Go see it. :)...


By samnerove
Phenomenal! This is a must see movie for all ages for the ages. Brilliantly produced, directed and acted, this epic version of William Shakespeare's tale of binding love, blinding hatred and...

The best 'Romeo & Juliet'

By Asteroidpd30
It's a great movie and I will watch it again. The dialogue is really accessible and it makes you appreciate the story even more. I immediately fell in love with Douglas Booth/Romeo and I loved...

Romeo and Juliet

By bluewater0097
Movie was very well directed. Costumes were beautiful. Juliet and Romeo had marvelous chemistry and really made the story come to life again, since the 1968 version. I will definitely buy this movie...

Absolutely loved this version!

By kmoakes1
I went to this movie expecting it to be cheesy and another modern remake with mediocre but popular actors with more focus on the violent and sexual aspects of the play. I was pleasantly surprised to...


By zobiabasit
really good movie, i loved it overall. the use of vocabulary is different from shakespeare's original play but it is ok, its easier to understand. a lot of kissing, after a while it was weird, but...

Nice adaptation

By LPRousseau
Good adaptation of the tragedy, with the exception of the end - they should not have rewritten the final death scene of Romeo and Juliet. It didn't have the same tragic impact as the play....

Loved It!

By rosangelatorres1999
I just loved this movie so much! It was so perfect and well organized the setting, everything! It was a great performance from the actors. I really recommend it! P.s I LOVE YOU Douglas booth!!!!...

After the 16-17th century, the tragic story endures.

By Squirrel Dude
I'm sure as I write this review, it'll probably one of the last. Yesterday evening I watched it. As I happened to see the last showtime within the given cinema house, I enjoyed this version. As one of...

True to the Classic

By schuhtraci
Doesn't matter how many times I see this story play out, I sitll hope for a different ending. Being a tragedy is what makes it such a great story though and this one does not disappoint. Terrific...

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Rated PG-13 | For some violence and thematic elements
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Common Sense Media says Teen-friendly take on Bard's classic has spark, little soul.
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