great review on YouTube

By hfgirl
Written June 23, 2008
There is a great review of this doc on YouTube by two old school film veterans and they have extra special insight on Polanski check it out [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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All the awards and commentary doesn't change the fact that he is/was a rapist of children

By vdeangel
Written June 19, 2008
It seems the judicial system was not fair to Roman, nor us as it turns out. What should have happened was for him to be convicted of statutory rape and then sentenced to 15-20 years in prison. All the rest, though glamourized by this thinly veiled fluff obviously created by his friends in the "artistic community", is a sad story of how our justice system was/is influenced by power and money and the media. Who said what to whom pales in comparison to the fact that we let another felon with powerful friends and a marginal talent free to rape again. Boycott this pointless and trivial film.
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Only for Sharon Tate

By sharon_tate_fanatic
Written October 04, 2008
The documentary was pretty boring, unless you are interested in the case then you will think otherwise. However I gave this a 50-50 rating because of the rare Sharon Tate clips, I'm a huge Sharon fan so that was like a present to me. Other than that this documentary wasn't that great.
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Justice...NOT for some!

By dllandes
Written September 21, 2008
Despite the fact that what Polanski did was a crime (he plead guilty to a single charge), JUSTICE was not carried out, in that he did not, and would receive a fair and unbiased sentencing hearing. The judge himself was more interested in making headlines and not being the "scapegoat", than he was in ensuring Polanski's sentence be just. His confinement for the "42 days" was not, by legal definition, allowed to be a "sentence", and that alone ws grounds for an appeal, and the judge knew it. This is a movie that attempts to set ther record straight, and it gives some really good insight into the "behind the scenes" wrangling that the judge attempted to pull with Polanski's attorney, the DA, and the victim's attorney. Not defending the guy, but when Justice is compromised for the sake of media, headlines, or other motivations....anyone would be justified to do what Polanski did, in their self-interest of wanting due process. The judge was to blame for that. See it.
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