Great moveie for those over 40

By FieroMan
Written December 13, 2007
After ten minutes I wanted to walk out but stayed, one has to have lived, loved and spent over 15 years with someone to understand this move. It's not for those who have not lived. It’s not for those who hid who they are and how they feel about themselves and the life they lived. This is a movie for those who have heart and know how hard life is and how hared it is to love. The actors gave unbelievably quality performances of the every day people walking around us today, and as the movie draws you in you see your parents your friends and yourself in a way we don’t normally look at life. Anselmo
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I Gave It An Hour

By jojackie
Written January 03, 2008
I gave it an hour to grow on me, and then I left so I could get a re-admit to come back on another day for a hopefully better movie. I thought I'd like it if it was anything like Moulin Rouge , I thought the Queens setting would be interesting, and it had a great cast. But in agreement with the above critics, I hated the unnecessary crudeness ( I found the sex scene between Kate Winslet and James Gandolfini gross and disturbing...and I'm not against sex scenes in general), and I felt the whole family was not set up properly as was just flat out unenjoyable, the worst sin a musical can commit.
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