The "Ghost"

By norm_the_moviegoer
Written May 26, 2008
As a lover of foreign films, this one is delightful! The characters are extremely interesting and the acting devine. I would think anyone that enjoys books and authors would enjoy the plot, the twists and turns, and the simple yet elegant ending.
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Stunning !!

By lass3
Written May 28, 2008
I loved the movie. It is nice to see an intelligent movie with "real" people. Eventhough some of the actors were quite stunning it was with a sense of reality. I also enjoyed the element of surprise - never quite sure what was happening or about to.
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A Rare Adult Film!

By leela-b
Written June 07, 2008
Not your kids' movie. Mystery,suspense, intrigue, also humor, for adults who like a movie driven by plot and characters. No blowing things up or gratuitous sex, just authentic characters and a complex, well thought out plot that keeps you guessing. Intelligent, well acted, delightful. If you like a good mystery, don't miss it.
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Subtle but charming

By DonaldC
Written June 30, 2008
I'd like to see this movie again to appreciate its subtleties. it is an unusual murder mystery, especially because it has a happy ending. As with a good Agatha Christie story, there are a lot of false leads. Hint: think about the tilte, which literally means "station novel", as the story unfolds. "Gare" is the French word for train station, but it is used to mean other kinds of "stations". For example, a 'gare de piage" is a toll station. Once you understand what king of "gare" the tilte refers to, you'll understand an important thread of the movie. Also, listen to the music and the mention in the story of a pop artist. That artist is in fact the composer and singer (in English at the end and in French) of much of the movie's music.
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roman de gare

By archtop
Written July 06, 2008
great film, excellent thriller!
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