• Released
  • September 21, 2012
  • Comedy


Canadian comedy troupe Picnicface make their feature film debut with this retro-themed romp set in the 1980s, as three freewheeling friends fight to prevent a cocaine-fueled crime syndicate from converting their beloved roller rink into a futuristic video arcade. 19 year old Leo is the roller skating king of Sherbrooke, Quebec. When Leo straps on his skates, every girl in town falls under his polyester spell. Every girl except for Julia, that is. The gorgeous sister of Leo's bitter rival Davis, Julia practices classical roller skating at the prestigious Roller Skating Academy, and detests the current disco trend. Meanwhile, the mafia has started an insidious campaign to shut down the hottest rink in Sherbrooke, and fill it with quarter-swallowing arcade cabinets. With the future of the city's hottest roller rink suddenly in question, Leo and his pals prepare for the ultimate showdown against the mafia thugs who won't stop until there's an arcade on every corner, and a bleary-eyed kid pumping quarters into every machine. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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