It would have been good if it was jsut 1.5 hour movie

By kirtimandal
Written November 13, 2011
Good acting from Ranbir..infact Excellent. It was dragged too long. The end was predictable 45 min before the movie and that is where it should have ended. Excellent songs. Should not go with 5+ kids. There arew a lot of kissing scenes. Can go and see it once. But far far better than RAONE. Infact i should not compare.
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Beyond Expectation

By cinema_cinema
Written November 12, 2011
Unbelievably high ranked movie. You have rarely see such a movie in Indian cinema with that much work on characterization, details(Costumes, cinematography, background scores), spontaneous and simple script which peek philosophical and extremely artistic presentation. In simple words, if we still say that Bollywood is much behind in making a true movie than Hollywood, then my friend, let me present this movie in front of you and ask what you say now. No question about it that until today in 2001, this movie is ready to capture all the awards of this year Best movie, Best Actor male, Best Director, Best Story/screenplay. Yes, this movie may not be for everyone, but it will definitely open new doors for upcoming directors, actors to learn how to make a movie of internationally acknowledged standards, not a typical masala, formula pattern. So, my friends go and watch this movie with pride that you are a Indian movie lover, and here is "Masterpiece". God Bless Rangbir, Imtiaz, AR Rehman.
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The Worst Movie of 2011

By kimiroik
Written November 13, 2011
take a couple of asprins and if possible sleeping tablets. Not sure what the director was thinking. its a never ending movie, goes on and on and on. To give you a comparison, the recent Salman's flop "Bodygaurd" can be watched 10 times instead of this movie. Editor has done a super-bad job. Few scenes are repeated at least three times. The only appreciable thing is the background score by ARR. Do yourself a favor, pass this movie and just listen to the songs/music.
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Worth a watch !

By adarshnn
Written November 13, 2011
Rockstar is a passionate love story impaired by a wooden expressionless heroine and barely manages to keep you engrossed.. thanks to the stunning music by ARR and a riveting performance by Ranbir... If only the audience were able to connect to the love story the movie would have had the magic touch...
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By ashrutib
Written November 13, 2011
the movie was so so.. ranbir was really good but the girls acting was horrible.. when u get out of the theater u dont remember anything about the movie.. which is a bad thing.. the songs are awesome.. the scenes are really good..
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