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Rock of "OLD" Ages

By AlanaH
Written June 18, 2012
Ok, a little corny but I did laugh!! The music was well done. The acting was fine. The chemistry of the "stars" comical. I am glad I saw it on the Big Screen!
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Very boring film

By wilhelmina_d
Written June 24, 2012
There is something very wrong about a film when you come out of it saying "the highlight of this film was Tom Cruise". He brought the only real emotion to the film, & it was as a drugged-out whacko. To begin, the leads were dead boring. Julianne Hough was about as interesting as a piece of soggy Wonderbread. What's-his-name who played the male lead looked 16 & had less depth than the layer a crayon leaves on a piece of paper. Alec Baldwin & Russell Brand did bring some much needed comedy to the movie, but their scenes were disjointed & out of place with the story. Catherine Zeta-Jones, usually a favorite for me, moved like she was 90 years old. Mary J Blige's voice was wonderful, but it seemed her character's only reason was to provide token diversity. Her story, like the Baldwin/Brand story, was out of place and missing some key exposition. The music was blander than the storytelling. The originals are so much better.
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By Reel_Deal_Gal
Written June 17, 2012
The opening scene with Julianne Hough's Sherrie Christian riding a bus to collect her dreams in Hollywood has her springing into song - "Sister Christian," of all things (duh play on words) and the whole bus joining her in a very loud chorus, which, I swear to God, seemed to continue for 20 minutes. I once again realized why I don't care for musicals in film. The characters and plot somehow had me connecting it in a deja vu kind of way to "Footloose," while Julianne Hough made me flash back to the awful "Burlesque." The plot was thin, the lines- when there were some- were weak, and the characters unbelievable and/or unimpressive in any way, save Tom Cruise, as "Stacee Jaxx." Let me state that I am not historically any fan of Tom Cruise, though arguably, I liked him in both "Knight and Day, " and recently, "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol." The man continues to be in amazing shape....but I digress. He can also sing! Fabulous job on "Wanted Dead or Alive." Cruise:4 stars Movie:1.
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It was hilarious.

By LBelieve
Written June 16, 2012
If you love the 89's music, this is a must see! It reminded me a little bit of Mixtape. There is no earth shattering plot line - it's all about the music. It's really silly and quite entertaining.
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Loved it!

By rockstar1231
Written June 20, 2012
I loved every minute of Rock of Ages! I loved all of the songs, and every actor gave a great performance...I ordered the soundtrack as soon as I got home, despite the fact that I already have the Broadway recording! I don't remember the last time I had this much fun at the movies...I want to see it again!
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