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By johnnydfan
Written June 17, 2012
This is a movie to see if you have absolutely nothing else to do. This is a Musical movie. It is not a movie with music in it. Everyone is breaking out in song at the drop of a hat and the choices are laughable. We considering walking out several times in the beginning. Julianna Hough and Diego are a joke. You don't really care about them and their acting is subpar. The best part of the movie is Tom Cruise. At least he is fun to watch but his character is very slow and pretty much monotone. He is the God in the movie and plays a mumbling and self obsessed idol. This is not for children as there is a lot of sexual innuendos. There is also a strip club featured and lots of girls pole dancing.
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Rock of Ages ROCKS!!!!

By movie-freak89
Written October 11, 2012
I saw the traveling Broadway show a few months ago and LOVED IT! Now that I have seen the movie, I love it even more! AWESOME MUSIC and great acting all around. Yes, it is a little over-the-top in a few instances but it's just a whole lot of FUN from beginnning to the end! Loved every minute of it! I will definitely see it again!!
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By twofishes1984
Written June 24, 2012
Im picky with the musicals I like but this one really worked mostly because of the great music and the humor. I am also picky about humor, not a big fan of comedy, but this movie kept me laughing all the way throughout. Just had to get past the very beginning starting out in song.. I was a bit skeptical when that happened but a few minutes in I actually started to enjoy it and once you get comfortable with the vibe/feel of the movie, its great fun! Plus, seeing tom cruise in this role was epic! haha. Its cheesy, silly, and fun.. if you like musicals occasionally this one really rocks.. but if you are not a fan of musicals at much at all but are just thinking to go cause its a rock movie... this would probably not be your thing.
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Rock of Ages

By Raznbran
Written June 25, 2012
This was one of the best ensemble casts in a movie I've ever seen!! Is there anything Tom Cruise can't do??? He was hysterical as Stacie Jaxx and while he may not win any Grammy's, his singing pipes were quite impressive. Russell Brand won me back as a fan and he and Alec Baldwin stole the show with their rendition of REO Speedwagon's "Can't Fight This Feeling". Julian Hough fell a little flat for me, her singing is just okay and she needs more acting lessons. If you were between 16-25 during the 80's this is YOUR movie - they nailed the repertoire of songs and it sucks you back to those days of awful outfits, bad hair and amazing music!! Worth paying full price!
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Buy the soundtrack -- ??? the movie

By sandi54
Written June 25, 2012
It was a fun movie with the same old plot. Music was great, but I wouldn't spend the money to see it again at a theatre. Definately not for the kids.
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