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Much better than I thought it would be!!

By Kspector8
Written June 23, 2012
Saw the broadway play 3 times and was prepared to be disappointed with the movie. Boy, was I wrong! The first 20 minutes or so made me think I was going to be right-- it seemed like it was a cheap knock-off of the play. But once Tom Cruise came along (and I am not a huge Tommy C fan), the movie was a blast! I still missed some of the jokes that were in the play and the story was certainly a bit different (I REALLY missed the "real" Lonny from the play-- he was a much more important character and much funnier) but these are nit-picking complaints. My wife(who has seen the play 7 times and would leave me for Constantine Maroulis -the guy from American Idol & the lead in the broadway play in a New York minute) is one of the biggest ROA fans around. Disappointed that Constantine wasn't cast as the lead, once the movie got going with Diego Boneto as his replacement, she whispered to me, "ok, now I get it. Now I know why they picked him." If you love 80's music--do not miss ROA!!!
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so much fun!!!

By primadonna64
Written June 25, 2012
I didn't really know what to expect (dumb maybe) the reviews weren't great, but my husband and I are going to see it again! It really is a blast to watch, the music is great. Of course any chance to see Tom Cruise works for me! It's FUN FUN FUN, and who doesn't need a little of that today? An added blood, guts, or gore!!!
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its not quite like what i thought it would be

By kendrickawesomeness
Written July 20, 2012
Alright. First off. Tom Cruise was awesome in that movie. second, i love the 80s music. i knew every song in the movie and loved hearing them. the only thing i would have to say that i didn't like was that all those sexy scenes in it. i mean you cant make it an 80s movie without some scenes like that, but most of those scenes i think didn't need to be added. mainly that part with the song i wanna know what love is. i don't think they need to take such an good emotional song and have a sexy scene where the interviewer lady is taking off all her clothes and tom cruise. Also the strip club part was alright. mainly i would give this movie 3 and a half stars. it was all good, they just didn't need to add that many sex scenes into that. they were too aggresive in those scenes.But overall i loved the movie, just dont make it pg 13 and put that much sex into it
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By twofishes1984
Written June 24, 2012
Im picky with the musicals I like but this one really worked mostly because of the great music and the humor. I am also picky about humor, not a big fan of comedy, but this movie kept me laughing all the way throughout. Just had to get past the very beginning starting out in song.. I was a bit skeptical when that happened but a few minutes in I actually started to enjoy it and once you get comfortable with the vibe/feel of the movie, its great fun! Plus, seeing tom cruise in this role was epic! haha. Its cheesy, silly, and fun.. if you like musicals occasionally this one really rocks.. but if you are not a fan of musicals at much at all but are just thinking to go cause its a rock movie... this would probably not be your thing.
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Rock of Ages is fun!

By alhutchethan
Written July 05, 2012
It's a fun movie especially if you love the 80s music and the singing is phenomenal. Hats off to Julianne and Diego! They really light up the screen. It really lets you relive all of those songs in a whole new way. Enjoy!
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