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Brings back memories!

By vmitro1
Written June 18, 2012
This movie was corny, but we still enjoyed it. Spend the couple of bucks and see it with a friend that liked the music from then just as much as you. It is also doesnt have nudity (stripper scenes yes, but no nudity in these scenes) or F bombs, so you can take your teenagers. I saw this with a friend, simultaneously in another state. We called each other afterwards as planned, and talked and laughed and reminisced! Whenever we hear "Sister Christian" we get taken right back to our youth. And you will too. Acting was great, we liked Tom C more than I thought I would. All the actors were great actually, Mary J Blige, Alec Baldwin, etc. Writing was good; they paid homage to others of that era, and only some of us got the references! I know I felt good and happy when I left the theater, and I like that. This isn't a must, you can wait til dvd. But if you are looking for a simple inexpensive fun night out, go see this movie.
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ROCK Solid...!

By BradPitt4me
Written June 15, 2012
I LOVED this movie... It was so much fun. Of course, the music is great! Believe it or not there is a story line. The stars are fantastic and a few surprise cameos. This is really fun movie, looking forward to the CD, to keep rocking on...
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Tom Cruise will blow you away

By gresnick3
Written June 18, 2012
I am so glad I saw the movie and not the show!! Tom Cruise..omg!! Who knew; not only that he could sing...but that e could be so raunchy!!!!! Russell Brand should give up his comedic acting and concentrate on singing! Alex Baldwin kissing a guy...what a surprise. Good acting alex!!! The music was great..the story very interesting...I would definitely suggest going to see this movie for a good time!!!
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Rock of Ages ROCKS!!

By mem20002
Written June 20, 2012
This movie is the BOMB from start to finish! Tom Cruise delivers, he is the BOMB! Diego, Alex Baldwin, Russel Brand they all rock!! A must see, do not wait, you will enjoy every second, every minute, it is the BOMB!
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Enjoyed it

By triekc
Written June 18, 2012
if you are tired of special effects, explosions, war, death, blood violence that is the basis of most movies these days, and you like 80's music, and young girls scantily clad, this is a must see. I have never seen a bad Tom Cruise movie - he is crazy in his personal beliefs, but he makes great flicks
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