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Music Mash Up More Like Trash Up.

By Alon Patterson
Written June 16, 2012
There are so many things wrong with this film that to list them all here would be impractical. From the cheesy staging and ridiculous screenplay, to the sloppy photography, the comical editing mistakes, the tone deaf voice casting, to the horrible wardrobe disasters, the bad lighting, amateur set design, to the complete disgrace of the music.....oh, the music....trashed like only an incompetent musical director could....and more. To say this musical is a disappointment would be overly complimentary. It's far worse than disappointing. Frankly, if given the opportunity and a few beers, I might be inclined to punch the producers straight in their faces. This film is just toxic trash, not worth anything more than an afternoon on TBS intercut with 45 or more commercials, its sound muted and the remote constantly scanning for something else to watch. Avoid this or you'll regret your decision....this movie is so awful you'll be embarrassed for the actors while you're watching it.
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Cliche Silly Fun

By Stocklone
Written June 16, 2012
I dragged my wife to the theater last night for this movie. We both enjoyed it. I am big fan of 80's hair metal so I knew I had to see it. They kept the music coming at a good pace and did a good job picking songs that would work with the scenes. The cast is probably the main reason this movie even works for me. So much talent in one film. The biggest surprise was how many times I found myself laughing. More humorous scenes than I expected. If your only expectation of this film is to have a good time watching it, you should be fine.
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Worse Than Horrible

By cheater
Written April 10, 2013
I feel like Mugatu from Zoolander when he says, "Has everyone taken crazy pills?!" How anyone, even the staunchest hair metal fans, can like this movie is unbelievable. There is not a good moment in this movie. Nothing redeemable; not one. I specifically suffered through this pile of garbage desperately looking for one good scene and discovered that there isn't one. I can't imagine how bad the Broadway musical is. When the foundation of your story is built upon one of the worst periods in musical history, you are doomed from the start. It could have possibly worked as a joke, but the creators went for the redemption angle and failed miserably. This is up there with Xanadu among the worst musical movies of all time.
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Rockin fun time

By minervat
Written January 27, 2015
Very witty, great for my (1980s) generation and also the younger ones who know the songs. Brought my sister, my rock drummer friend,mwe had the best time. Tom Cruise does a great job, Alec Baldwin, Awesome. All the singing is impressive
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Rock of "OLD" Ages

By AlanaH
Written June 18, 2012
Ok, a little corny but I did laugh!! The music was well done. The acting was fine. The chemistry of the "stars" comical. I am glad I saw it on the Big Screen!
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