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Not At All What We Expected

By MobileMovieMan
Written May 30, 2016
This movie hi-jacked a revisit of 80's music and instead pedaled soft porn. It was embarrassing to be in the theatre audience and was a disgrace for Katie Holmes and Tom's career. Don't fall for the misleading trailers.
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LOVED Rock of Ages!!

By bklobe
Written June 18, 2012
This movie had me laughing the entire time - the casting was superb, very sophisticated humor - especially if you know the music & the era - it was such a fun parody of the times!! Loved everyone, Catherine Zeta-Jones was hilarious, Alex Baldwin was perfect & Tom Cruise had it nailed!
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ain't nothin but a good time!

By THHadley
Written June 16, 2012
great movie! maybe didn't blow me away like Chicago but if you like musicals and love rock or grew up in that era you will LOVE it! everyone was great but Tom Cruise really stood out. He can really sing and looks amazing! Loved all the songs too. Great summer movie!
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I am buying this on DVD

By April222999
Written June 17, 2012
I have wanted to see the musical for a long time and when the movie came out I thought it was a good alternative price wise. I loved this move Tom Cruise was awesome and I love Julianne Hough. I even loved pretty much every character in the movie including Russel Brand. I highly recommend this movie to anyone that loves 80's rock or musicals or funny movies because it was so funny to. I am still planning to see the Broadway show sometime this year!
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By kilarney4547
Written June 18, 2012
It might not be Oscar worthy, but "Rock of Ages" was definitely a fun ride. The music was super and both my husband and I were blown away over Tom Cruise's portrayal of Stacee Jax. He was fantastic and can he ever sing! If one wants to escape the normal routine, go see this movie. However, leave the kids at home because it is sexually suggestive, drug and alcohol charged and pretty raunchy.
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