Rockin' Rock of Ages

By ajzukowski
Written June 17, 2012
What a surprise to hear Tom Cruise sing! it's a totally different character for him. Julianne Hough was outstanding! Wasn't all that impressed with Alec Baldwin though. Although the storyline was a tad bit lame, the music was fantastic! IMAX is the only way to see this movie. I definitely recommend it - especially for the music! Your feet will be tappin' and your head will be bouncin' throughout the movie!
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Rock yeah!!

By dawndawn33
Written June 17, 2012
[BLOCKED WEBSITE] I cannot remember the last time I was so excited for a movie. I dont just mean giddy enough to go to a midnight or opening day, maybe reading an EW article or two on it. I'm talking LOTR level excitement. Obsessing over any and every story/tidbit/article I can find. Eating up all the casting news, following the team on Twitter during filming, counting down til watching it (yup, there's an app for that, I chose the one aptly named "The Final Countdown"). I'd taken one of my best friends to see the stage show last year as an incredibly belated bday present right around when the movie was announced, so we shared in the obsession together, trading FB posts on the subject. I decided there was no possible way I could see the movie without him, so I found some cheap bus tickets and made my way down to NYC. It meant a slightly later movie time that would have been ideal, but it also meant we got to see it at the (pseudo)IMAX. ROCK!!...
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Fun walk down memory lane with some good music

By GradySSmith
Written June 17, 2012
Made a last minute decision to see this movie at 11p at night - just hoping I would be able to stay awake. This movie had high energy which kept my interest throughout. The actors all played their parts well. Truly a fun movie to go see and relive some great music.
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By JimmyFlood
Written June 18, 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but I felt that the level of the sexual content and depiction of alcohol abuse was too graphic for a PG-13 rating. The movie should have toned downed the sexual scenes with the Rolling Stone reporter character and Tom Cruise's boozing it up. If not, it should be rated R. Please do not take children to see this movie -- you will regret it.
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Needs a higher rating,this is an ADULT movie.

By chappamy
Written June 20, 2012
They rated this movie PG-13 well I have 2 children around that age and they wanted to see the movie, well I wasn't sure if we should go or not so we got there around 6pm and there was a show that had already started then there was another at 730 and 830 so we went to the 830 so I could see if there was other kids that went. Well I was surprised to see a lot of kids coming out of the movie, some much younger then mine. So we went and OMG we left half way through. There is NO way this should be rated PG-13, I don't think I would even let a 15 or 16 year old see it. I'm taking this higher then just a review on a website because this is very wrong for anyone under 16 to see.
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