By jimchudnow
Written October 24, 2008
[ Based on an advance preview:] This latest Guy Ritchie film is a STYLISH caper exploration of various levels of crime in England— from the low-level punks and druggies to the high-level white-collar deceivers, to the Super Rich and their toadies. TOM WILKINSON plays a well-connected “fixer” for the rich and up-and-comers, and he’s never afraid to use influence and violent toughs (like MARK STRONG) to enforce what he wants (including from a family member, played by TOBY KEBBELL). His plans to help a rich Russian are often foiled by disgruntled criminals (like GERARD BUTLER, IDRIS ELBA & TOM HARDY) and by seemingly high-level people like THANDIE NEWTON (who may or may not be a double-dealer). This film gathers together a very involved, complex, and periodically confusing interweaving of goals and actions (both serious & humorous), and you may have trouble understanding some of them (& certain dialogue used). But, while the film isn’t great, it’s a generally “FUN” ride.
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Pulp Fiction but not as good

By 11RevereCt
Written October 14, 2008
This film is of a certain type of genre. There's a decent amount of blood, a decent amount of twists and turns, and a decent amount of seemingly out of place subplots. There seems to be something "off" about all of the characters, as if they were never intended to be real, like they are more comic book than the comic book guys we're seeing in Iron Man and Batman. Portions of this border on the "so horrific and depressing you want to squirm away" while still keeping you there with the snarky dialogue. But once you settle in and look at it for what it is, not what you want it to be, you'll appreciate it, and I think that will happen best on DVD, as you'll be able to pause it and see that yes, he really did just say that. And then laugh, and repeat it to your friends for the next week.
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I AM RocknRolla!!!

By knoc43
Written October 13, 2008
I F-ing loved this movie. Ever since I saw the first preview for it, I have been craving to see it and today i finally did; I am not a Guy Ritchie "fan." From the start RocknRolla keeps you laughing and having a good time and wanting to learn more about the characters. RocknRolla is loaded with great action scenes and some hilarious dark comedy. The story was very well put together. What made the whole movie work the most was how it linked everything together in the end. BEAUTIFUL!!! And RocknRolla-Johnny hilarious crazy character, I loved him. If you live anywhere near L.A. or New York City you must go now. Everybody else im sorry but you must wait. =(
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Guy Ritchie rocks my socks!!!!!

By stacy718
Written October 12, 2008
....as a director. If you like Ritchies other movies (Snatch, Lock Stock etc.) then you'll love RockNRolla. Of course it helps to have my obsession (Gerard Butler) in the starring roll. I say GO!!!!!! If only to see Gerard Butlers bare ass!
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Very very cool flick

By tracy21
Written October 17, 2008
This was a really well done film, it's Ocean's 11 meets fight club. Guy Ritchie lives up to the hype.
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