Robot Synopsis
A scientist constructs a gifted robot, who sets out in the world with amazing results.

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Ok movie worth 4$ (considering Fandango deal ;-)

By didadi
Not really Rajni fan,but its a good movie specially considering the graphics. Its concoction of Terminator, Iron Man and Godzilla combined into Tamil version!...

Rajni's Robot

By skotian
I wanted to experience the Rajni phenomenon after having read so much in the news. This was my first Rajni movie on the big screen and I enjoyed it except for the songs. There were too many songs and...

Five Word Review

By ssingh2773
Incredible Fun humorous effects message...


By tmguynup
It is funny reading other's reviews. There WAS a LOT of propaganda about the film. India needs to find a good editor. I hate the poor transitions from one scene to the next. Neither the...

can watch once but its still boooring

By sandy4v
booring except few scenes and plot makes no sense...


By kripriya
it was okay. Ash was looking gorgeous and acted very well. Not as good as expected. Little humor for kids. Okay I give three stars...

Thalaivar Rajni!

By rsayed
My rating says it all - Just GO and watch the movie!...

Five Word Review

By movie_moghul
Fantastic Musci Amazing Special Effects...


By shashiamur
Loved the movie! A visual treat....

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