By vane0111
Written July 29, 2014
This film had so many great components & was made even better seeing it with my mother...funny & unique storyline. Loved it!
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Poignant, great for Langella lovers

By anooshig
Written December 20, 2014
Introspective study of a changing world. Wonderful performance by Frank Langella, an actor's actor.
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How could this get past the ciritics

By fandangodad2
Written December 29, 2014
I read tons of reviews of this movie. I think they were all paid in order to write positive comments. This movie is the worst movie I had seen in years. Simple story, a former cat burglar needs a robot companion in order to continue his independent living. Slow developing, poor relationships, very rarely funny, boring, and hugely inconsistent as it progresses through the movie. How can an aging man with dementia outwit neighbors, police detectives, and reprogram a robot that baffles the authorities; and yet can't remember much of anything else? I am shocked at how any reviewer could ever write something positive...unless they have dementia; not remembering what they experienced.
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Robot & Frank

By lpena13
Written January 26, 2015
This was a very poignant movie showcasing issues that affect all, the aging process and relationships. The staging and writing of these themes was presented so artistically. Excellent movie.
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I want a robot too

By lawrence of arabia
Written September 04, 2012
excellent film , great acting. Original though. Some funny scenes
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