Robot & Frank Synopsis
An aging ex-con (Frank Langella) re-enters a life of crime with the help of a robotic caretaker.
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Robot and Frank

By MrMikeG
I'd rate this movie So-So. It had a cute, family-oriented premise but was pretty boring most of the time. A few laughs at times, but generally slow moving....

Sci-Fi about the future of elder care

By pedsarq
This movie was a complete surprise to me in a very pleasant sense. Frank, a older man with a shady past begins to lose his mind, so his son brings him a robot programed to be a care-giver and...

Robots more human than people?

By senior fan
Great message. The next day I read an article about Robots that are being programmed to assist the elderly, do housework, fold laundry etc. Maybe this isn't so far in the future. But the real...

Robot & Frank

By bzerkeley
Frank Langella and the Robot are the bomb!! James Marsden and Liv Tyler are just so -- so. Robots rule - where can I get one?...

Robot and Frank

By photo buff
This is a very touching and funny movie. It is also very original, and the acting is great. Definitely would recommend it. Not for children, though....

You could only wish your robot friend was like this

By Goddess_Echelon
This little sleeper of a movie is bursting with surprises and should have come out in all major movie houses. You can't help but fall in love with Frank and Robot. You will laugh, cheer, cry and feel...

Great time, then forgettable

By Madame Mim
Slow pacing deliberate to attract "mature" (read: aging baby boomers now seniors) target audience? Or is slow pacing meant to mimic Frank's slowing memory? At any rate, be prepared to relax and...

Layered with Excellence

By sunnyforever
If you were faced with Alzheimers, what would be your dearest commodity? To Frank it was his memory. And there is a deep interplay in this movie centered on the value of a human life and the value of...


I think this is a great movie - touching, funny, makes you think about relationships and robot policy. The cinematography is beautiful. I didn't expect to cry so much because I didn't expect...

Robot & Frank

By OldGuyLA
Wonderful performance by Frank Langella, clever movie plot. Cute ending, down plays the seriousness of Alzheimers or senile dementia, but a good evening out that doesn't insult your intelligence....

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Language
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Common Sense Media says Offbeat sci-fi buddy movie isn't likely to attract teens.
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