It's ok

By pramonfigueroa
Written February 19, 2014
Robocop was a ok movie, never got me interested, the special effects were great but the plot was rather dreadful. The director Jose Padilha should have kept the original script, I really wanted to see more explosions and gunfights. The movie at times made me feel like it was a Political film. Samuel Jackson's character was amazing, Joel Kinnaman was a good selection for Robocop but the director failed the Robocop franchise. Wait till it comes out on DVD.
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Not too bad of a remake

By Julian7660
Written February 13, 2014
Well as far as remakes go, this one wasn't too bad. The problem is the lead actor gets out done by the supporting cast. That coupled with the story line being a little weak makes it a good movie, but not great!
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Really liked it

By petabytes
Written February 16, 2014
The only drawback is that the storyline seemed to have been condensed. The movie felt brief. Also I do like Mrs. Murphy's participation in the movie.
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It's not your 90's Robocop.

By stevenjhernandez
Written February 23, 2014
The original movie had cheesy humor, lots of action, and was full of cliches (I'd buy that for $1) and gore (the infamous, melting man gets smashed by car). This was more of a human take on the tale. The special effects gave us lots of action, but also gave us a man even further stripped of his humanity. The violence was more precise, and plot driven. The imagery was dark, cold, clinical. I love how this version as well as the 90's version dealt with corruption and bias in the media, in the corporate world, and in society in general (but in this version all that was toned down, and treated somewhat clinically). The casting was great. Keaton made a perfect CEO of cyborg security guards. Gary Oldman's character was great too, but I wish they'd gone even more Hamlet with that, your know, to be or not to be--he inward struggle to do what is right. Mrs. Robocop was gorgeous and faithful, and if my last memory as a human was his, I'd want the plug pulled too.
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It is what it is.

By Mcpreaches
Written February 13, 2014
Lets just put it like this if you can turn off your brain and accept all the plot holes and just enjoy Robocop running around blowing stuff up awesome, go see it. If your looking for something amazing... t his is not Dredd so you should go see something else. This is no Robocop 1 but far far better then Robocop 3
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