Robin McGee

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 William Fichtner The Lone Ranger
2013 Tom Wilkinson The Lone Ranger
2013 Barry Pepper The Lone Ranger
2013 Stephen Root The Lone Ranger
2013 Helena Bonham Carter The Lone Ranger
2013 J.D. Cullum The Lone Ranger
2013 Johnny Depp The Lone Ranger
2011 William Fichtner Drive Angry
2011 Nicolas Cage Drive Angry
2011 David Morse Drive Angry
2011 Pruitt Taylor Vince Drive Angry
2010 Richard Dreyfuss Leaves of Grass
2010 Melanie Lynskey Leaves of Grass
2010 Edward Norton Leaves of Grass
2010 Tim Blake Nelson Leaves of Grass
2010 Keri Russell Leaves of Grass
2010 Susan Sarandon Leaves of Grass
2010 Pruitt Taylor Vince Leaves of Grass
2009 Michael Douglas Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
1991 Bo Svenson Steele's Law
1991 Fred Williamson Steele's Law
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