Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written May 19, 2010
Barf lame just don't go
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Good but not great...

By meccassault
Written May 14, 2010
Let me start by saying I am a fan of both Ridley Scott and Russel Crow and the work they did together in Gladiator, which was amazing. Here's where the BUUUUT comes into play. Although this is a good movie, it's not anything special. The acting was good, as expected, but to be honest- I didn't really care about any of the characters. I didn't despise the enemy, nor did I love the hero. The movie fell short in that aspect as well as a few others. This film moves but at a slow rate. I was catching myself thinking about what I had to do today after the movie was over...That's never good. Then, I refocused and still wasn't getting lost in the movie. Nothing intense ever really happens and the climax is non-existent. There are some action/battle/fight parts but, they weren't at the caliber you would hope and/or expect from the one's involved making this film. All in all, it's worth seeing but, it won't knock your socks off..In fact, a rental might be the way to go with this...I'm shocked
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By MilinVora
Written June 03, 2012
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Not Your Typical Robin Hood Story

By Litton62
Written May 22, 2010
Leave your old notions of Robin Hood at home; sit back and enjoy something new This is actually much like "Wicked" in that this movie tells the back story of Robin Hood rather than focusing on his time as an outlaw. It is historically accurate in other details which was gratifying. We enjoyed it very much - nicely acted by a great cast. Fun to see William Hurt in this kind of role. The last battle scene is terrific - great action in an unusual location. Must have been incredibly tough to shoot this footage! Writing could have been a bit tighter for a a shorter, more intense movie but we were satisfied with how it played out and enjoyed watching the buildling attraction between Robin and Marian.
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Great Epic Action story oft Robin Hood told from more of an historical perspective for the time

By critcallyme
Written May 14, 2010
I enjoyed this different spin on the story of Robin Hood. The story is presented with the events in history that were occurring at that time and gave an interesting alternative version of his origins. It starts with him and his band of archers in the service of King Richard on their way home from the crusades. It shows a betrayal by John's childhood friend who plans to help France take siege of England. All the main characters are still there but how they pull together is somewhat of a different story. There are plenty of battle scenes, festivties, treachary and loyalty to please all.
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