Robert Walker, Jr.
Date of Birth
Apr 15, 1940
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1992 Andrew Robinson Fatal Charm
1992 Luis Guzman Innocent Blood
1992 Dario Argento Innocent Blood
1992 Don Rickles Innocent Blood
1992 Michael Ritchie Innocent Blood
1992 Tom Savini Innocent Blood
1992 Frank Oz Innocent Blood
1992 Sam Raimi Innocent Blood
1992 Linnea Quigley Innocent Blood
1992 Anthony LaPaglia Innocent Blood
1992 Christopher Lee Innocent Blood
1992 Angela Bassett Innocent Blood
1992 Peter Cushing Innocent Blood
1992 Chazz Palminteri Innocent Blood
1992 Anne Parillaud Innocent Blood
1992 Robert Loggia Innocent Blood
1992 Bela Lugosi Innocent Blood
1990 Barbara Babcock Murder, She Wrote: Shear Madness
1990 Shirley Jones Murder, She Wrote: Shear Madness
1990 James Earl Jones Terrorgram
1987 James Keach Evil Town
1987 Regis Toomey Evil Town
1987 Lurene Tuttle Evil Town
1987 Dean Jagger Evil Town
1987 Gene Nelson Murder, She Wrote: The Corpse Flew First Class
1987 Kate Mulgrew Murder, She Wrote: The Corpse Flew First Class
1987 David Hemmings Murder, She Wrote: The Corpse Flew First Class
1987 Pat Harrington, Jr. Murder, She Wrote: The Corpse Flew First Class
1984 Paul Koslo Hambone and Hillie
1984 Timothy Bottoms Hambone and Hillie
1984 Jack Carter Hambone and Hillie
1984 Lillian Gish Hambone and Hillie
1984 O.J. Simpson Hambone and Hillie
1984 Alan Hale, Jr. Hambone and Hillie
1984 Michael J. Pollard Heated Vengeance
1983 Donald Pleasence The Devonsville Terror
1983 Kevin McCarthy Making of a Male Model
1983 Robert DoQui Making of a Male Model
1983 Ulli Lommel Olivia
1981 Christopher George Angkor: Cambodia Express
1981 Woody Strode Angkor: Cambodia Express
1980 Denholm Elliott Bad Timing
1980 Daniel Massey Bad Timing
1980 Theresa Russell Bad Timing
1980 Chris Cooper Bad Timing
1980 Harvey Keitel Bad Timing
1980 Madeleine Stowe Beulah Land
1980 Lesley Ann Warren Beulah Land
1980 Don Johnson Beulah Land
1980 Eddie Albert Beulah Land
1980 Martha Scott Beulah Land
1980 Allyn Ann McLerie Beulah Land
1980 Dorian Harewood Beulah Land
1980 Michael Sarrazin Beulah Land
1980 Jonathan Frakes Beulah Land
1980 Hope Lange Beulah Land
1980 Meredith Baxter-Birney Beulah Land
1980 Jenny Agutter Beulah Land
1980 Bob Hoskins The Long Good Friday
1980 Pierce Brosnan The Long Good Friday
1980 Helen Mirren The Long Good Friday
1980 George Coulouris The Long Good Friday
1980 Eddie Constantine The Long Good Friday
1980 Ian Hendry McVicar
1980 Steven Berkoff McVicar
1975 Harry Andrews The Passover Plot
1975 Dan Hedaya The Passover Plot
1975 Hugh Griffith The Passover Plot
1975 Scott Wilson The Passover Plot
1975 Donald Pleasence The Passover Plot
1975 Zalman King The Passover Plot
1975 James Olson The Streets of San Francisco: Asylum
1974 Aldo Ray Gone With the West
1974 James Caan Gone With the West
1974 Sammy Davis Jr. Gone With the West
1973 Cesar Romero Doin' What the Crowd Does
1973 Gary Busey Hex
1973 Scott Glenn Hex
1973 John Carradine Hex
1973 Keith Carradine Hex
1973 Marcia Mae Jones The Spectre of Edgar Allan Poe
1973 Cesar Romero The Spectre of Edgar Allan Poe
1972 Dick Van Patten Beware! The Blob
1972 Richard Webb Beware! The Blob
1972 Burgess Meredith Beware! The Blob
1972 Carol Lynley Beware! The Blob
1972 Larry Hagman Beware! The Blob
1972 Gerritt Graham Beware! The Blob
1972 Shelley Berman Beware! The Blob
1972 Godfrey Cambridge Beware! The Blob
1970 Rita Hayworth Sur la Route de Salina
1970 Ed Begley, Sr. Sur la Route de Salina
1970 Derek Jacobi Three Sisters
1970 Alan Bates Three Sisters
1970 Laurence Olivier Three Sisters
1970 Joan Plowright Three Sisters
1970 Ronald Pickup Three Sisters
1969 Karen Black Easy Rider
1969 Dennis Hopper Easy Rider
1969 Peter Fonda Easy Rider
1969 Michael Pataki Easy Rider
1969 Jack Nicholson Easy Rider
1969 Toni Basil Easy Rider
1969 Jack Kelly Young Billy Young
1969 Paul Fix Young Billy Young
1969 Parley Baer Young Billy Young
1969 Robert Mitchum Young Billy Young
1969 David Carradine Young Billy Young
1969 Angie Dickinson Young Billy Young
1968 Herbert Lom Eve
1968 Christopher Lee Eve
1968 Fred Clark Eve
1968 Andy Romano The F.B.I.: The Messenger
1968 Dana Elcar The F.B.I.: The Messenger
1968 Dick Clark Killers Three
1968 Penny Marshall The Savage Seven
1967 Michael Landon Bonanza: The Gentle Ones
1967 Lorne Greene Bonanza: The Gentle Ones
1967 Milton Berle The Happening
1967 Anthony Quinn The Happening
1967 George Maharis The Happening
1967 Oscar Homolka The Happening
1967 Eugene Roche The Happening
1967 Faye Dunaway The Happening
1967 Martha Hyer The Happening
1967 Jack Kruschen The Happening
1967 Clifton James The Happening
1967 Michael Parks The Happening
1967 John Wayne The War Wagon
1967 Kirk Douglas The War Wagon
1967 Hal Needham The War Wagon
1967 Keenan Wynn The War Wagon
1967 Gene Evans The War Wagon
1967 Joanna Barnes The War Wagon
1967 Howard Keel The War Wagon
1967 Bruce Dern The War Wagon
1967 Chuck Roberson The War Wagon
1967 Emilio Fernández The War Wagon
1967 Bruce Cabot The War Wagon
1967 Boyd "Red" Morgan The War Wagon
1966 Virginia Christine The F.B.I.: Quantico
1966 Michael Callan The F.B.I.: Quantico
1966 Rhys Williams The F.B.I.: Quantico
1964 Gerald O'Loughlin Ensign Pulver
1964 Diana Sands Ensign Pulver
1964 Walter Matthau Ensign Pulver
1964 Jack Nicholson Ensign Pulver
1964 Kay Medford Ensign Pulver
1964 James Farentino Ensign Pulver
1964 James Coco Ensign Pulver
1964 Larry Hagman Ensign Pulver
1964 Al Freeman, Jr. Ensign Pulver
1964 Burl Ives Ensign Pulver
1963 John Ireland The Ceremony
1963 Noel Purcell The Ceremony
1963 Mia Farrow The Ceremony
1963 Laurence Harvey The Ceremony
1963 Fernando Rey The Ceremony
1963 Sarah Miles The Ceremony
1963 Murray Melvin The Ceremony
1963 Lee Patterson The Ceremony
1963 Ross Martin The Ceremony
1962 Nehemiah Persoff The Hook
1962 Kirk Douglas The Hook
1962 Nick Adams The Hook
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