Robert Miano

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Lance Henriksen The Book of Daniel
2012 Eric Roberts Beyond the Trophy
2012 Michael Madsen Beyond the Trophy
2012 Eric Roberts The Cloth
2011 Billy Zane Mysteria
2011 Danny Glover Mysteria
2011 Michael Rooker Mysteria
2011 Martin Landau Mysteria
2011 Peter Mark Richman Mysteria
2010 Joseph Bologna Boston Girls
2010 Renée Taylor Boston Girls
2010 Natasha Gregson Wagner A Kiss and a Promise
2010 Owen Wilson Little Fockers
2010 Ben Stiller Little Fockers
2010 Barbra Streisand Little Fockers
2010 Dustin Hoffman Little Fockers
2010 Blythe Danner Little Fockers
2010 Harvey Keitel Little Fockers
2010 Laura Dern Little Fockers
2010 Robert De Niro Little Fockers
2009 Adrien Brody Giallo
2008 Val Kilmer 2:22
2006 Terry Moore The Still Life
2005 Armand Assante Confessions of a Pit Fighter
2004 Eric Roberts Killer Weekend
2004 Michael Rooker Skeleton Man
2001 James Caan Luckytown
2001 Kirsten Dunst Luckytown
2001 Luis Guzman Luckytown
2001 James Spader The Stickup
2001 David Keith The Stickup
2000 Jeremy Irons Dungeons & Dragons
2000 David Spade Loser
2000 Greg Kinnear Loser
2000 Dan Aykroyd Loser
2000 Jason Biggs Loser
2000 Steven Wright Loser
1999 Andrew Robinson Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Badda-Bing Badda-Bang
1999 Marc Lawrence Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Badda-Bing Badda-Bang
1999 Robert Culp Unconditional Love
1999 Sheryl Lee Ralph Unconditional Love
1999 Adrian Zmed Unconditional Love
1999 Henry Silva Unconditional Love
1998 Nick Mancuso Laws of Deception
1998 John Landis Laws of Deception
1998 James Russo Laws of Deception
1998 Adam Beach Smoke Signals
1998 Tom Skerritt Smoke Signals
1997 Bruno Kirby Donnie Brasco
1997 Zeljko Ivanek Donnie Brasco
1997 Anne Heche Donnie Brasco
1997 Paul Giamatti Donnie Brasco
1997 Johnny Depp Donnie Brasco
1997 Michael Madsen Donnie Brasco
1997 Al Pacino Donnie Brasco
1997 James Russo Donnie Brasco
1997 Nick Mancuso Matter of Trust
1993 Michael Nouri No Escape, No Return
1993 David Warner Quest of the Delta Knights
1993 Olivia Hussey Quest of the Delta Knights
1993 Sharon Stone Sliver
1993 Martin Landau Sliver
1993 CCH Pounder Sliver
1993 Nina Foch Sliver
1993 William Baldwin Sliver
1993 Tom Berenger Sliver
1992 Joseph Bologna Deadly Rivals
1992 Richard Roundtree Deadly Rivals
1991 Courteney Cox Blue Desert
1991 D.B. Sweeney Blue Desert
1991 Philip Baker Hall Blue Desert
1991 Robert Forster Diplomatic Immunity
1991 Robert DoQui Diplomatic Immunity
1991 Billy Dee Williams Driving Me Crazy
1991 Ed O'Neill Driving Me Crazy
1991 Milton Berle Driving Me Crazy
1991 Dom DeLuise Driving Me Crazy
1991 James Tolkan Driving Me Crazy
1991 JoBeth Williams Driving Me Crazy
1991 George Kennedy Driving Me Crazy
1991 Michelle Johnson Driving Me Crazy
1991 Yaphet Kotto Hangfire
1991 George Kennedy Hangfire
1991 James Tolkan Hangfire
1991 Brad Davis Hangfire
1991 Kim Delaney Hangfire
1991 Shannon Tweed The Last Hour
1991 Michael Paré The Last Hour
1991 Richard Roundtree A Time to Die
1990 Louis Gossett, Jr. El Diablo
1990 Anthony Edwards El Diablo
1990 John Glover El Diablo
1990 Joe Pantoliano El Diablo
1990 Michael Chiklis The Rain Killer
1990 Ray Sharkey The Rain Killer
1989 George Plimpton Easy Wheels
1989 Paul Le Mat Easy Wheels
1989 Ned Beatty Ministry of Vengeance
1989 James Tolkan Ministry of Vengeance
1989 Yaphet Kotto Ministry of Vengeance
1989 George Kennedy Ministry of Vengeance
1987 David Caruso China Girl
1987 James Russo China Girl
1987 Robert Davi Traxx
1987 Priscilla Barnes Traxx
1987 Tom Mason Traxx
1987 Nick Nolte Weeds
1987 Lane Smith Weeds
1987 Joe Mantegna Weeds
1987 Anne Ramsey Weeds
1987 Ernie Hudson Weeds
1987 William Forsythe Weeds
1986 Linden Chiles The A-Team: Alive at Five
1986 Richard Romanus The A-Team: Alive at Five
1986 Leon Isaac Kennedy Hollywood Vice Squad
1986 Carrie Fisher Hollywood Vice Squad
1986 Ronny Cox Hollywood Vice Squad
1986 Marvin Kaplan Hollywood Vice Squad
1986 Adrienne Barbeau Open House
1985 Dee Wallace King of the City
1985 Tony Curtis King of the City
1985 Michael Parks King of the City
1984 Melanie Griffith Fear City
1984 Michael Vincente Gazzo Fear City
1984 Tom Berenger Fear City
1984 Rae Dawn Chong Fear City
1984 Maria Conchita Alonso Fear City
1984 Jan Murray Fear City
1984 Billy Dee Williams Fear City
1984 Rossano Brazzi Fear City
1984 David Keith Firestarter
1984 Martin Sheen Firestarter
1984 George C. Scott Firestarter
1984 Art Carney Firestarter
1984 Freddie Jones Firestarter
1984 Louise Fletcher Firestarter
1984 Heather Locklear Firestarter
1984 Drew Barrymore Firestarter
1984 Moses Gunn Firestarter
1983 Henry Silva Chained Heat
1983 John Vernon Chained Heat
1983 Linda Blair Chained Heat
1983 Stella Stevens Chained Heat
1983 Michael Callan Chained Heat
1982 Sam Wanamaker The Concrete Jungle
1982 Jill St. John The Concrete Jungle
1982 Jeff Bridges Kiss Me Goodbye
1982 Paul Dooley Kiss Me Goodbye
1982 Stephen Elliott Kiss Me Goodbye
1982 Mildred Natwick Kiss Me Goodbye
1982 James Caan Kiss Me Goodbye
1982 Sally Field Kiss Me Goodbye
1982 Claire Trevor Kiss Me Goodbye
1982 Fred Berry Vice Squad
1982 Wings Hauser Vice Squad
1982 Jonathan Haze Vice Squad
1982 Pepe Serna Vice Squad
1976 Joe Flaherty Alex and the Gypsy
1976 Ramon Bieri Alex and the Gypsy
1976 Geneviève Bujold Alex and the Gypsy
1976 James Woods Alex and the Gypsy
1976 Jack Lemmon Alex and the Gypsy
1976 Robert Emhardt Alex and the Gypsy
1976 William Windom Bridger
1976 Sally Field Bridger
1976 Bert Freed The Streets of San Francisco: Police Buff
1973 Tracey Walter Badge 373
1973 Robert Duvall Badge 373
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