Robert Lewis
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1909
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1950 Johnny Sheffield The Lost Volcano
1950 Elena Verdugo The Lost Volcano
1950 Donald Woods The Lost Volcano
1950 Marjorie Lord The Lost Volcano
1950 Grandon Rhodes The Lost Volcano
1950 John Ridgely The Lost Volcano
1947 William Frawley Monsieur Verdoux
1947 Charles Chaplin Monsieur Verdoux
1947 John Harmon Monsieur Verdoux
1947 Franklin Farnum Monsieur Verdoux
1947 Isobel Elsom Monsieur Verdoux
1947 Boyd Irwin Monsieur Verdoux
1947 Charles Wagenheim Monsieur Verdoux
1947 Herb Vigran Monsieur Verdoux
1947 Edna Purviance Monsieur Verdoux
1947 Paul Newlan Monsieur Verdoux
1947 Martha Raye Monsieur Verdoux
1946 Red Skelton Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Grady Sutton Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Victor Moore Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Jimmy Durante Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Virginia O'Brien Ziegfeld Follies
1946 William Powell Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Fred Astaire Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Gene Kelly Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Audrey Totter Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Esther Williams Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Ray Teal Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Peter Lawford Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Kathryn Grayson Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Hume Cronyn Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Judy Garland Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Lena Horne Ziegfeld Follies
1946 William Frawley Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Cyd Charisse Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Lucille Ball Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Van Johnson Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Edward Arnold Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Karin [Katharine] Booth Ziegfeld Follies
1946 Fanny Brice Ziegfeld Follies
1945 William "Bill" Phillips The Hidden Eye
1945 Edward Arnold The Hidden Eye
1945 Ray Collins The Hidden Eye
1945 Peter Lawford Son of Lassie
1945 Nigel Bruce Son of Lassie
1945 Leon Ames Son of Lassie
1945 Nils Asther Son of Lassie
1945 Lassie the Dog Son of Lassie
1945 Terry Moore Son of Lassie
1945 Donald Crisp Son of Lassie
1945 Otto Reichow Son of Lassie
1945 June Lockhart Son of Lassie
1945 Eily Malyon Son of Lassie
1944 Aline MacMahon Dragon Seed
1944 J. Carrol Naish Dragon Seed
1944 Agnes Moorehead Dragon Seed
1944 Philip Van Zandt Dragon Seed
1944 Henry Travers Dragon Seed
1944 Akim Tamiroff Dragon Seed
1944 Keye Luke Dragon Seed
1944 Walter Huston Dragon Seed
1944 Turhan Bey Dragon Seed
1944 Lionel Barrymore Dragon Seed
1944 Al Hill Dragon Seed
1944 Katharine Hepburn Dragon Seed
1944 Benson Fong Dragon Seed
1943 Otto Reichow Bomber's Moon
1943 Dennis Hoey Bomber's Moon
1943 Mike Mazurki Bomber's Moon
1943 Annabella Bomber's Moon
1943 Kent Taylor Bomber's Moon
1943 George Montgomery Bomber's Moon
1943 Ann Codee Paris After Dark
1943 Peter Lawford Paris After Dark
1943 Marcel Dalio Paris After Dark
1943 George Sanders Paris After Dark
1943 George Sorel Paris After Dark
1943 Henry Rowland Paris After Dark
1943 Maurice Marsac Paris After Dark
1943 Annabella Tonight We Raid Calais
1943 Ann Codee Tonight We Raid Calais
1943 Blanche Yurka Tonight We Raid Calais
1943 Lee J. Cobb Tonight We Raid Calais
1943 George Lynn Tonight We Raid Calais
1943 Howard Da Silva Tonight We Raid Calais
1943 Marcel Dalio Tonight We Raid Calais
1943 John Banner Tonight We Raid Calais
1943 Beulah Bondi Tonight We Raid Calais
1939 Sidney Lumet The 400 Million
1939 Alfred Ryder The 400 Million
1939 Morris Carnovsky The 400 Million
1926 Harry Semels Stick to Your Story
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