Rob Campbell

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Eva Marie Saint Winter's Tale
2014 Will Smith Winter's Tale
2014 Graham Greene Winter's Tale
2014 William Hurt Winter's Tale
2014 Jennifer Connelly Winter's Tale
2014 Russell Crowe Winter's Tale
2014 Colin Farrell Winter's Tale
2013 Tina Fey Admission
2013 Wallace Shawn Admission
2013 Lily Tomlin Admission
2013 Paul Rudd Admission
2012 Edward Norton Moonrise Kingdom
2012 Frances McDormand Moonrise Kingdom
2012 Harvey Keitel Moonrise Kingdom
2012 Bill Murray Moonrise Kingdom
2012 Tilda Swinton Moonrise Kingdom
2012 Bruce Willis Moonrise Kingdom
2012 Bob Balaban Moonrise Kingdom
2010 Dianne Wiest Rabbit Hole
2010 Sandra Oh Rabbit Hole
2010 Aaron Eckhart Rabbit Hole
2010 Nicole Kidman Rabbit Hole
2010 Giancarlo Esposito Rabbit Hole
2007 Aidan Quinn Dark Matter
2007 Blair Brown Dark Matter
2007 Meryl Streep Dark Matter
2002 James Caan City of Ghosts
2002 Gérard Depardieu City of Ghosts
2002 Natascha McElhone City of Ghosts
2002 Matt Dillon City of Ghosts
2002 Stellan Skarsgård City of Ghosts
2002 J.K. Simmons Law & Order: Shangri-La
2002 Fred Dalton Thompson Law & Order: Shangri-La
2001 John Cameron Mitchell Hedwig and the Angry Inch
2001 Michael Pitt Hedwig and the Angry Inch
2000 Marisa Berenson The Photographer
2000 Mary Alice The Photographer
2000 Anthony Michael Hall The Photographer
2000 Tom Noonan The Photographer
2000 Maggie Gyllenhaal The Photographer
2000 John Heard The Photographer
1999 Hilary Swank Boys Don't Cry
1999 Chloë Sevigny Boys Don't Cry
1999 Peter Sarsgaard Boys Don't Cry
1997 Rutger Hauer Hostile Waters
1997 Max von Sydow Hostile Waters
1997 Martin Sheen Hostile Waters
1996 Daniel Day-Lewis The Crucible
1996 George Gaynes The Crucible
1996 Winona Ryder The Crucible
1996 Bruce Davison The Crucible
1996 Jeffrey Jones The Crucible
1996 Paul Scofield The Crucible
1996 Joan Allen The Crucible
1992 Joan Allen Ethan Frome
1992 Patricia Arquette Ethan Frome
1992 Tate Donovan Ethan Frome
1992 Liam Neeson Ethan Frome
1992 Gene Hackman Unforgiven
1992 Saul Rubinek Unforgiven
1992 Anthony James Unforgiven
1992 Richard Harris Unforgiven
1992 Clint Eastwood Unforgiven
1992 Frances Fisher Unforgiven
1992 Morgan Freeman Unforgiven
1990 James Earl Jones Terrorgram
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