ROAD TO UTOPIA = Road to Hilarity

By lugubriousthespian
Written March 09, 2009
Bob & Bing's 5th outing together proves to be the funniest of the series of famous Road pictures as they turned in their typical sarongs and island wear for parkas and mukluks when they head north to Klondike country in this sometimes screamingly zany farce. The middling plot of ruthless band of gold mine claim jumpers only occasionally interrupts the stream of hilarious one-liners and ad-libs that the duo were notorious for, as are the peppy song & dance numbers and appearances by their favorite exotic beauty, Dorothy Lamour. Some truly memorable, off-the-wall moments include a magician waltzing through a scene taking place in a steam ship asking for for a light. When asked why he is there he blithely replies, "Oh, I'm just taking a shortcut to stage 9!" Delightful comedy from beginning to end with wall to wall laughs!
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