Road to Perdition Review

By rocketjsl357
Written August 08, 2008
visually enthralling ... an amazing movie with outstanding cinematography and music by Thomas Newman. it's still a complete mystery as to why this movie was not nominated for best picture. (4.5/5 stars)
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Great movie

By probs
Written October 28, 2008
The mood and feel of the era is captured beautifully. Top notch actors at the top of their game. Newman delivers a great performance and Hanks again displays his versatility.
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Humanity and fraternity examined with great ambition and film-making.

By Dominic LeRose
Written July 11, 2014
It's strange to think of someone as an evil man, but what criteria meets the credentials of someone that is in fact evil? Sam Mendes shows the path of one's transformation of redemption and fraternal relationships that leaves you torn of the goodness anyone is capable of exerting. Tom Hanks gives another excellent performance as hit-man Michael Sullivan. His boss Mr.Rooney is played by Paul Newmann in an ever so good performance. Mr.Rooney took good care of Micheal and his two sons and wife. When Micheal's son Michael Sullivan Jr. witnesses his father and partner execute a fellow criminal, he is shocked by the violence his father created. After Michael's partner mistakes Michael's other son for Michael Jr., the boy and his wife are killed causing Michael and his son to go on the run from the criminals, and drive Michael to get revenge. Whats's fascinating about this crime drama is that is examines what truly makes an evil man. With brilliant and minimal narration that could have been a tad longer, Michael Sullivan Jr. analyzes what his father was truly like and if he were evil or not. There has never been a more powerful father-son relationship in cinema than the one David Self has written for us. Michael Sullivan and his son face hard times and often quarrel, but realize how important they are to each other and manage to form a healthy relationship. The two discuss going to Perdition, a beautiful location that represents the goodness the two follow when they form a strong relationship and try and stay safe and avoid crime anymore. We really see world-class film-making with gorgeous cinematography, beautiful music, spectacular art direction and tremendous editing. The film is unlike any crime film you've ever seen due to focusing on how crime affects families and how one person is examined greatly after influenced by crime. With Sam Mendes guiding the cast and crew, you see a strong story that will leave you wondering if the people you feel are evil have a second side to them, and will make you forgive others and appreciate your family. This is a beautiful work of cinematic art, and a great cinematic experience.
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Road to Perdition

By ironman15
Written July 09, 2009
this was such a great movie i don't know what to say. the acting was beautiful, the crime scenes were great, and the plot was good as well. this is defiantly one of Tom Hanks best movies. everything about the movie was good. now the first 15 min of the movie runs slow, but it picks up really fast. enjoyed this movie a lot. one of the better movies i seen in a while, and a very well done gangster movie. my grade FULL PRICE ratings Block Buster full price matinee rental piece of sh**
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