Road to Perdition Synopsis
A mobster takes his son along as he seeks to avenge the murders of his wife and younger child.
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Road to Perdition Review

By rocketjsl357
visually enthralling ... an amazing movie with outstanding cinematography and music by Thomas Newman. it's still a complete mystery as to why this movie was not nominated for best picture. (4.5/5...

Great movie

By probs
The mood and feel of the era is captured beautifully. Top notch actors at the top of their game. Newman delivers a great performance and Hanks again displays his versatility....

Humanity and fraternity examined with great ambition and film-making.

By Dominic LeRose
It's strange to think of someone as an evil man, but what criteria meets the credentials of someone that is in fact evil? Sam Mendes shows the path of one's transformation of redemption and fraternal...

Road to Perdition

By ironman15
this was such a great movie i don't know what to say. the acting was beautiful, the crime scenes were great, and the plot was good as well. this is defiantly one of Tom Hanks best movies. everything...

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Common Sense Media says Powerful, beautiful film; ok for mature teens.
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