• NR
  • Drama


A desperate truck driver is forced to resort to extreme measures in order to pay for the repairs that will enable him to keep working in writer/director Tayfun Pirselimoglu's entry into the 2007 Montreal World Film Festival. Riza is a truck driver who relies on his vehicle to maintain his income. When Riza's truck breaks down and the price of the repairs proves far greater than his current income, the desperate driver finds himself stranded in a ramshackle downtown hotel in which everyone seems to be trapped in a troubling limbo of uncertainty. Everyone here seems hopelessly stuck between two drastically different worlds, and from the old man awaiting a visit from his son to the gay sailor longing for the day his ship will set sail, they all quietly bide their time hoping that the pieces of their lives will eventually begin falling into place. When Riza's girlfriend Aysel refuses to help him pay for the repairs that will get him back on the road, the despondent truck driver sees no way out of his dilemma other than turning to a life of crime. But Riza is no criminal, and when the burden of his transgression proves too heavy a weight to bear, he soon returns to Aysel desperate for a human connection. Little does Riza realize that Aysel, too, harbors a troubling secret. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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