Ritchie Coster

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Viola Davis Blackhat
2014 Harvey Keitel By the Gun
2011 Jill Hennessy Luck [TV Series]
2011 Dustin Hoffman Luck [TV Series]
2011 Ian Hart Luck [TV Series]
2011 Nick Nolte Luck [TV Series]
2011 Dennis Farina Luck [TV Series]
2010 Cathy Moriarty The Bounty Hunter
2010 Jennifer Aniston The Bounty Hunter
2010 Carol Kane The Bounty Hunter
2010 Christine Baranski The Bounty Hunter
2010 Elias Koteas Let Me In
2010 Richard Jenkins Let Me In
2010 Tim Roth Pete Smalls is Dead
2010 Michael Lerner Pete Smalls is Dead
2010 Carol Kane Pete Smalls is Dead
2010 Rosie Perez Pete Smalls is Dead
2010 Seymour Cassel Pete Smalls is Dead
2010 Steve Buscemi Pete Smalls is Dead
2008 Heath Ledger The Dark Knight
2008 Aaron Eckhart The Dark Knight
2008 Cillian Murphy The Dark Knight
2008 Anthony Michael Hall The Dark Knight
2008 Morgan Freeman The Dark Knight
2008 Eric Roberts The Dark Knight
2008 Christian Bale The Dark Knight
2008 Gary Oldman The Dark Knight
2008 William Fichtner The Dark Knight
2008 Michael Caine The Dark Knight
2008 Maggie Gyllenhaal The Dark Knight
2006 Martin Donovan The Sentinel
2006 Michael Douglas The Sentinel
2006 Kiefer Sutherland The Sentinel
2006 Kim Basinger The Sentinel
2006 Blair Brown The Sentinel
2004 Martin Donovan Traffic: The Miniseries
2004 Elias Koteas Traffic: The Miniseries
2002 Jason Isaacs The Tuxedo
2002 Jackie Chan The Tuxedo
2002 Peter Stormare The Tuxedo
2000 David Paymer Bait
2000 David Morse Bait
2000 Jamie Foxx Bait
2000 George Grizzard Law & Order: Dissonance
1998 Daryl Hannah Rear Window
1998 Robert Forster Rear Window
1998 Christopher Reeve Rear Window
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